Tlayudas Recipe: The Best and Delicious of All Dishes


Tlayudas Recipe Our dear viewers, we have started a journey today. It is going to be very interesting and delicious. Our Tlayudas recipe is related to a Mexican dish. So we are expecting you. Connect with us and know all the truth about this recipe. By the way, it can be seen in street food in general, but we will teach you how to make it at home here.

Stay tuned and check out our recipes daily for our many delicious recipes. Our feast is going to be a memorable one that will impress the foodies in terms of flavors and textures. So prepare yourself and Set up the kitchen. Now without further we proceed to our recipe. First, let us tell you about the ingredients that are required to make this recipe.

Ingredients for Making Tlayudas Recipe:

Four large car tiles.

A cup of refried beans.

½ cup of Iksaka cheese.

Two cups of cooked beef.

Avacado should be cut.

Two tomatoes should be chopped.

A medium onion that should be finely chopped.

¼  cups of fresh red pepper.

1 cup Mexican crema or sour cream

½  cup of salsa.

Salt and pepper to taste.

Two tablespoons of olive oil.

Dear Friends, Now We Know How to Make Tlayudas Recipe:

1: Our dear friends the first thing you need to do is to heat oil in a pan. Place each tar tela in the hot pan and cook until both sides are cooked and cooked. Cook it for about three to four minutes and repeat the same process.

2: Once your tortillas are crispy, place a layer of refried beans on each one. All you have to do is leave a small space around the edges. Now you have sliced beans on top. After adding the cheese, think about the cooked meat you are using it with.

3: Place our chopped evacuado tomatoes on top of the Tlayudas with red onion and red onion.

4: Pour the Mexican crema, which you can also call sour cream, on the toppings. After that, add a big spoonful of salsa to it.

5: Carefully transfer the recipe to serving plates and serve hot. It will surely be a favorite dish for you and your guests.

Tlayudas Recipe


Dear friends, you have seen that we have just presented another recipe called Tlayudas Recipe while in Europe. So it is our pleasure to present these recipes to you. It is a pleasure to watch our method, learn it, and prepare it in your own home. So, step out of your comfort zone and stop ordering online. Use your hands properly to make this recipe. Try it at home and see how much loved by your family. This recipe includes many ingredients.

So, usually, the person goes out to buy something for the guests. So make sure that the ingredients you need to make this recipe are taken from the market. And You will surely feel happy when you make it at home. Make it at home and give your loved ones and your guests a wonderful treat. So surprise your loved ones and stay connected with us and stay tuned for more delicious recipes. Take care, take care of your family.


Q1: How long can we prepare it at home?

By the way, generally, if you prepare the recipe by following us, then in about 30 to 35 minutes this wonderful recipe of yours will be ready.

Q2: Can we use some extra vegetables in it like cabbage and carrot etc.?

Yes of course you can use extra vegetables in it without any hesitation. All you have to do is not to cook the vegetables as far as cabbage and carrots or cucumbers are concerned, you can top it and add it. It should be placed above.

Q3: Isn’t this recipe similar to pizza?

Yes, you asked a great question. This recipe is similar to pizza. But there is a big difference in its small shape and its taste. When you prepare it yourself, you will taste it, you will feel the difference.

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