Tejuino Receta: This is a Refreshingly Delicious Drink


Tejuino Receta comes to you with a recipe and welcomes you to this wonderful journey. Our recipe is closely related to the Mexican drink. This is a cold juice recipe that will give you a lot of refreshing feeling once again. You can reduce the feeling of heat by adding lots of ice cubes, and lots of lemon and salt to it while making it. These three or four things are things that keep our body cool despite the heat. Refreshing.

Which helps to keep us fresh even in extreme heat. This recipe is being presented on this basis so that your friends can avoid severe heat shocks. And it should be consumed at least once a day. Or drink it twice so that the calories and vitamins in your body do not decrease due to the intensity of heat. With that, the introduction is complete, now let’s talk about how to make it and what are the few ingredients in it. add

Here Are the Ingredients Needed to Make the Tejuino Receta:

You should have two cups of cornmeal to make from scratch.

After that take a cup of cold water.

A polysiloxane called Mexican brown sugar.

A cinnamon stick is to be taken.

A cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Add ice cubes in half or as much as you like.

Finally, you can add lemon slices, white salt, and black salt or chili powder for optional toppings.

Now See How to Make Tejuino Receta Step By Step:

1: Friends, the first thing you need to do is to take the corn flour in a large mixing bowl, add two cups of corn flour and four cups of water, and mix well. Mix this mixture for at least 30 minutes so that the water And the corn flour should be mixed in.

2: Sieve the cornflour Sift the cornflour mixture into a large bowl with a sieve. Because if you drink it like this, it will start to stick in your throat, which is the coarse grains. They will be separated.

3: After straining, the remaining coarse grains have nothing to do with our recipe, so discard them. This time we have to add sweet. Then add Mexican brown sugar and cinnamon stick.

4: This time bring the pot to a boil on the middle inch of the stove. Keep stirring and watch the Mexican brown sugar dissolve completely. It may take about 21 to 22 minutes for it to dissolve completely and up. Will see when it thickens.

5: Remove the Pot:

The stove and keep the mixture cool for a while. See that when the mixture has cooled, remove the cinnamon stick from it and throw it away. You will not understand that It didn’t do any good, all its flavor and essence would have dissolved in the mixture on heating and now this cinnamon is of no use to us. If you taste it, it will be completely dull and useless, so throw it away.

6: Now to complete the recipe you have to take a big and fresh lemon and put it in the juice. If needed, add a little white salt to it.

7: Let’s say our recipe is fully prepared and now it’s time to enjoy it yourself or serve it to your loved ones. Just imagine a heat wave going on, it’s midday and you’re drenched in sweat. By the time you’ve made this Tejuino Receta and taken a sip, all your heat and sweat have completely disappeared. So grab a nice glass and add half an ice cube to it. Then pour the mixture on top. Pour the glass full. And serve it to your loved ones with a beautiful straw in a glass. You will see that if they are angry due to heat, they will cool down after taking a sip.

Tejuino Receta


Presented as a recipe that can highlight our body’s metabolism and vitamins in soaking up the heat. So check it out on our platform without any hesitation. Tejuino Receta up a great heat-busting recipe in under 20 to 25 minutes, according to our estimate. So, we hope you like this Mexican Tejuino Receta as much as the previous ones.

Don’t think that we are presenting something new every day, but it will think how hard we are working for you. So you also have the right to revise this recipe carefully. Try it and eat and drink it. According to our estimation, this best and most wonderful platform of ours has every type of recipe. If any recipe is missing, it will be published in the coming days with full hope.

And you will definitely. But you will also be able to benefit from this favorite recipe and prepare it at home without any hesitation. So for this, we would like to ask your permission for the same. See you with our next recipe. So try and drink it in summer.


Q1: Is the recipe you have presented useful for diabetics?

Yes of course it is useful for diabetics as it does not contain much sweetness. So the purpose of this recipe was only to remove heat and not to make a sick person sicker. But we may not do such a recipe that will cause more difficulty for a patient. Rather, if there is such a recipe, we inform you about it in advance.

Q2: Do salt lovers increase the amount of white and black salt in it?

Yes, of course, if you are fond of eating salt, then increase the amount of salt in it. But remember not to increase the amount so much that it makes the taste of the dessert bitter.

Q3: Can we drink corn flour in it without straining it?

No, you should not do this at all, but strain the cornstarch first after it has completely dissolved. If you try to drink it without straining it, it will get stuck in your throat and It will dull the taste of the whole recipe.

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