Tehri Recipe: How to Make this Allahabad Cuisine at Home


Tehri Recipe and we walk together in the heart of this city. And know about the secrets behind this adventure. Which will make our recipe even more delicious if you join us. Allahabad. This famous dish is full of flavors of fragrant vegetables and rice. Uncover the secrets of its cooking so that you too can prepare it as Baasani. Let’s take a look at this recipe together and learn how to make it.

Does Tehri Recipe Belong to Many Areas:

Indeed, it has a place with Allahabad, Lucknow second, and UP third. Here is a recipe for a solid and fragrant rice feast made with a mix of vegetables. It likewise has a place with the Indian states. Its Muslim people group has numerous local cooking styles across India, fundamentally rice and vegetables. Adhi food is a comparative cooking that has its foundations in the northern province of Uttar Pradesh. What’s more, it is essentially connected with rice and vegetables.

Ingredients to Be Added to Tehri Recipe:

Take half a kg of basmati rice or as many men as there are in your family.

Aloes three or four medium-sized without peel.

Onions are cut into two large pieces.

Cut tomatoes into two medium-sized pieces.

Ginger garlic paste one tablespoon.

Three to four green chilies.

A teaspoon of cumin.

Bay leaves two to three.

Cinnamon stick one inch.

Cloves four to five.

Turmeric powder is one to two teaspoons.

Red chili powder one to two teaspoons.

Hot spices one teaspoon.

Coriander powder one teaspoon.

Three teaspoons of vegetable oil.

Add fresh coriander leaves at the end.

Salt to taste.

Two cups of water.

See How to Make this Recipe:

1: First of all, you should take basmati rice from the store or lying in your house. Wash it well and wash it well at least three to four times. Together the flow takes place and the rice gets smart enough to cook.

2: In our second step, you will heat three tablespoons of vegetable oil in a deep pan. Add one teaspoon of cumin, two bay leaves, one inch of cinnamon stick, and three to four loaves. Mix well. Then add chopped onion and cook till it turns golden brown.

3: Making the flavoring ingredients Mix one tablespoon of ginger-garlic paste and 3 to 4 chopped green chilies. Cook it for a minute or two until the aroma of the chilies disappears. Then add two medium-sized chopped green chilies. Add the tomatoes and cook until they dissolve into the mixture.

4: Mix the Vegetables with Rice:

You have to take one cup and add it to the mixed vegetables. In these vegetables we have carrots peas beans onion etc. Fry it well for five to six minutes.

5: This time you have to mix one teaspoon of turmeric powder, red chili powder, and coriander powder with salt. Mix it well and mix it with the vegetables.

6: Take out the soaked rice and keep it in a separate pan. Start mixing the rice with the vegetable mixture.

7: After doing all the above steps, you have to boil the mixture by adding two cups of water. You have to reduce the stove inch so that your rice cooks slowly. Now see that when the water is less Cover it on top so that the rice and vegetables can cook properly.

8: After cooking, sprinkle a teaspoon of hot spices and sprinkle fresh coriander leaves over the rice.

Tehri Recipe


My dear viewers as you see we have changed our city and because of that, our recipe has also changed. Our recipe belongs to two or three states. Made. We have presented a recipe for Chawal called Tehri. Our rice contains many flavors including vegetables and aloo etc. With full hope, we have presented this recipe to our viewers.

You can also check it out and make it at home and feed it to your loved ones. And keep visiting our website regularly to see many delicious recipes. We will do something every day so that your family will be amazed at where this talent comes from. See you with your next recipe. Until then, take care. Take care, your family.


Q1: Should the rice be washed?

Yes, it is essential to wash the rice because the ground germs and soil, etc. present in it are cleaned.

Q2: Is it mandatory to add vegetables to tehri recipe rice?

Yes, it is mandatory to add vegetables because then it will be called plain rice. You can add not much but a few vegetables like aloo carrots and peas etc.

Q3: Does tahri recipe rice need to be boiled in the end?

Yes, it is important to seal the recipe at the end because this way the water in the rice will dry out and you may have difficulty eating or the taste in your mouth may change.

Q4: Can we add any chutney or salad etc to tehri recipe?

Yes, you can add your favorite chutney to it. Then be it mint or chilies or black chilies whatever you like just make it now and enjoy it.

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