Sohan Halwa: How to Make this Winter’s Gift Recipe at Home


Sohan Halwa is the biggest sweet dish in all of Asia. When the festival seasons and especially winter has started in such a situation people start buying sweets from the markets. A tradition of festivals and the winter season is incomplete with sweets of different testis. There are many sweets among Indian sweets which people love to eat. But there is one sweet that people ask for again and again after eating it because it tastes just like it.

Sohan Halwa is Popular in Every Age:

Sohan halwa is a traditional Indian dessert which is quite popular in the country. It is a type of sweet made from floor oil sugar and dry fruits. It takes some hard work to make it but once you taste it you will forget all your handwork. Sohan halwa is liked by people of all ages whether Younger or children.

Making Method of Sohan Halwa:

We are talking about sohan halwa. It is prepared by mixing flour, milk, and dry fruits. Let me tell you one important thing that may take some time to make but you don’t have to panic. it is very tasty to eat. After eating Halwa you will forget the taste of all other sweets. Let us know the method of making halwa.

Short Ingredients of Sohan Halwa:

1: To Make Winter’s Gift, you need flour 1/2 Kilograms.

2: Sugar 1/2 Kilograms

3: Almonds 1/4 kilograms

4: Oil 1/2 Kilograms

5: Milk one cup

6: Pistachios 100 grams

7: Raisins 5 to 6.

8: Cashews 5 to 7.

9: Green cardamom powder 50 grams.

Detailed Ingredients About Sohan Halwa:

1: To Make Winter’s Gift, first of all, heat one liter of water in a big pen. Now add sugar to it and leave it like that.

2: Then add one cup of milk to it. Let it cook for 5 minutes.

3: Now filter it with a clean cloth. Then mix the remaining water and syrup.

4: After this take the flour dissolve it in some water and then cook it on low flame.

5: Now when the flour starts thickening at 1 tablespoon of oil to it.

6: After some time this oil mixture will start looking different. Understand from this that it is ready.

7: Now add dry fruits, almonds, pistachios, and green cardamom.

8: Take out this mixture in a tray or plate greased with oil and spread it like halwa.

9: Decorate it with almonds, pistachios, and cashews.

10: Then after it cools down cut it into pieces.

Perfection with Almonds and Another Nuts:

You can garnish it with Almonds, pistachios, and cardamom. Now add flour to it and mix well with the help of a ladle. Keep in mind that the gas flame should be kept light.

Cooking Process:

When the water becomes warm add sugar to it and let it cook. Cook it until one-string syrup is ready. Mix it well.

Final Step for Sohan Halwa:

Now take the mixture down and spread it on a plate. Apply oil in a pan or tray and pour this mixture into it. When it’s cool, serve it and enjoy it.

Sohan Halwa


So here is our recipe, Sohan Halwa I hope you will like it. You can use it generally for yourself or hospitality. Feel free to eat it yourself and feed it to your children. People mostly prefer to eat it with warm milk as this way the body can fight the cold. You keep coming to my website Famous Indian Food and I will keep telling you more recipes. It is often referred to as a winter gift as it is very beneficial in winters.

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