Shukto Recipe: You Can Easily Make Bengali Vegetable Cuisine


Shukto Bengali cuisine is celebrated for its rich blend of flavors and cultural heritage. Foodies are introduced to Shukto a delicious vegetable medley that expertly blends bittersweet and creamy notes. Shukto is a popular Bengali dish and a delicious curry made from a variety of vegetables. A traditional Bengali feast is started by serving rice with flavored Shukto. 

Always Famous in Bengali Restaurants:

However, in recent times this form of Shukto has been combined with traditional Biyabaris and other feasts. It is also widely sought after in restaurants, but it is only one of the varieties of shukto that are part of Bengali cuisine.

Vegetable Sprinkles in the Recipe:

Shukto is eaten at the beginning of the Bengali food structure. Sometimes eaten after vegetables and before lentils, it whets the appetite and prepares the palate for the spicy food to come.

What is the meaning of the Word Shukto?

The Sanskrit word shukt, which means bitter, reflects the subtlety and complexity of Bengali cooking.

The Ingredients of Shukto:

1: 1 bitter gourd thinly sliced

2: 1 raw banana peeled and sliced

3: 2 drumsticks cut into 2 inches pieces

4: 1 radish sliced

5: 1 eggplant diced

6: 1 cup green beans chopped

7: 1/2 cup Bengal gram chana dal boiled

8: One tablespoon mustard seeds

9: Half a teaspoon of turmeric powder

10: 3 tablespoon mustard oil

11: 1/2 cup milk

12: 1 teaspoon ginger paste

13: 2 tablespoons ghee

14: Salt as per your taste

Without Any Time Waste, this is a Recipe Method of Shukto:

1: First of all Prepare the Vegetables:

What you need to do in this important step is to first salt the water and put the pieces of bitter gourd in it. Keep it in the water for about 20 minutes and then take it out. It will remove the bitterness.

2: Boil Bengal Gram:

Boil the Bengal gram until partially cooked and keep aside for later use.

3: Sauteing the Vegetables:

You have to take a frying pan and put mustard seeds in it. Then you have to put your vegetables in it and cook them well.

4: Add Seasoning to the Recipe:

You have to add specific examples like turmeric powder and ginger paste to the vegetables and cook them well.

5: Adding Bengal Gram:

Add partially cooked Bengal gram to the vegetable mixture and mix it well.

6: Cooking the Vegetables:

You have to cook your vegetables till the excess water boils off. When the water reduces, you close the stove and see if your vegetables are soft.

7: Ghee Infusion:

Once they crackle, add the cooked ghee to the Shukto ameza.

8: Creamy Touch the Shukto Recipe:

Add in the milk to create a creamy texture. Simmer the shukto for a few more minutes, making sure all the flavors blend well.

9: Serve Your Recipe and Enjoy:

Your shukto is ready to serve Now enjoy this Bengali culinary masterpiece with steamed rice for a possible and authentic experience.



Viewers are another Bengali Vegetable Recipe Shukto is ready. As far as I can tell, vegetables are mostly preferred in Indian cuisine. So I thought of making some vegetable-related recipes for my viewers. I told you the recipe, and now you can take advantage of it and make it easily at your home. As I told you before, believe me, no one will tell you such recipes even after taking the money that I am presenting to you.

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