Roomali Roti Recipe: Homemade with Full of Proteins


Roomali Roti Recipe This is a food that the world lives on. It can be said that it is a diet that has kept the world going until now. I don’t know why it might be famous all over the world and the most consumed food. Mangal I know for sure that it is used a lot in our Asia. What we usually call wheat, bread is made from wheat. First, the wheat flour is made and then the barley is made into bread. Today we are going to talk about the Roomali Roti recipe. And I don’t think anyone will be familiar with this diet. So let’s see its benefits. And how to make it.

The Types Of Roomali Roti Recipes:

First, we will discuss what are the types of roomali roti recipes. The following two to three types are found in it. In which one is our paratha, one is our plain roti and the third is ghee roti which we usually use for breakfast. Bread is something that has kept all human beings alive till now, so in my view that is its importance. I don’t know how important you see it now. So let’s see what are the ingredients required to make our Rumali Roti recipe.

Ingredients to make Roomali Roti Recipe:

First, take as much dry flour as you have in your family.

Pour water in the middle and drop the flour in the water from the sides.

We call this Allah process kneading.

Add a little salt to it because it is also very important for our body, just a pinch.

Now add water in it till the dry dough is removed and the dough starts to become stiff.

Now keep turning the dough towards you again and again and take it out from the bottom.

This way the dough will be completely wet and mixed from all sides.

Now you take the pain according to your hand.

Again put it inside a dry cloth lift it and turn it into a bread shape with your hands.

Now you will see that the dough has completely crossed its limit and now this roti is starting to break, then your roti will be ready at that time.

Now you can either make it with ghee for breakfast of the day or prepare it without ghee in the afternoon which we call dry roti.

In this process, we have to eat something along with roti which we usually call curry.

When we make curry of anything, be it chicken, owl, or any vegetable, roti must be cooked with it.

It does not happen that we cook curry and eat only curry with a spoon and if we make roti alone, we continue to eat roti.

They are made for each other i.e. when the curry is ready, the roti must also be ready.

What are the benefits of Roomali Roti Recipe?

In straightforward words, bread gives energy to our bodies. That is, without it, the individual turns out to be dark. For the most part, in Asia, bread is eaten three times each day, or at least, three dinners. One is eaten in the first part of the day for breakfast, the second in the early evening and the third at night for dinner.

On the off chance that bread isn’t consumed, the body becomes powerless. An individual can remain hungry for a condition or just a short time after which the individual is in extraordinary peril of kicking the bucket. So nature made wheat with the goal that no one but people could utilize it and get by. The motivation behind introducing this recipe was to arrive at our white family who are fed up with eating outside food.

Roomali Roti Recipe


My dear viewers, today we have presented a recipe that you will surely use in your daily life. The Rumali Roti recipe we have presented here was much needed for our overseas siblings who are addicted to fast food. One very important thing is that we know that eating fast food daily is not right. That’s why I came up with this easy recipe for our fellow countrymen and foreign brothers and sisters. I thought. Which will be beneficial for you and your body. So the siblings around us will be very familiar with it so I hope they will also be happy to see this recipe.

It is the thing by which the world lives, it is the thing by which man lives. In my opinion, if it were not for wheat, I don’t think that humans could live longer. Our daily article includes a recipe, a perfect garlic recipe, and a few emotional tidbits. So I hope you guys won’t mind this and will continue to look at my stacks and recipe methods. Until then, allow me to see you with my next recipe, which I hope we’ll find right now from the streets of Lucknow. Until then, keep making Roomali Roti recipes, feed your loved ones, and be happy.


Q1: How can I make Roomali Roti at home?

A: Chef M. Hammad’s Roomali Roti, mix 2 cups flour, salt, 1/2 cup water, and 1/2 cup milk. Knead into a soft dough, roll thin sheets, and cook on a hot griddle. Brush with oil before serving.

Q2: Can I use whole wheat flour for Roomali Roti?

A: Yes, substitute whole wheat flour for a healthier option, following Chef M. Hammad’s recipe with equal proportions.

Q3: How to make Roomali Roti without a tandoor?

A: Chef M. Hammad’s recipe doesn’t need a tandoor. Cook rolled sheets on a hot griddle for a minute on each side, then brush with oil for added flavor.

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