Refried Bean Salad: A Great Taste and Refreshing Sensation


Refried Bean Salad Our dear viewers, we bring you a treat that has many origins. So we thought why not bring this emerging delicious treat to you and give our lovely guests a chance to try something new? Yes, dear friends, this gift of ours is from Europe as well as the UAE and also from our own Asia.

It is famously known as Refried Bean Salad. From the name, you must have known what we are going to talk about today. Going to be a satisfying treat for all vegetarians. So join us on our journey and learn something for yourself.

Refried Bean Salad Is it European Salad or UAE-related:

Dear friends, as already told you, it started as Mexican Celed in general. But now it is being made and eaten in many countries, especially in UAE. So that’s why. But we thought why not make it famous in our Asia and bring it to our dear friends? So you have to support us and what you should do is to learn this recipe from here and make it to your family. to make something healthy and energetic for you.

As I told you about three months ago, you must know that our recipe is only meant for our dear brothers and sisters abroad. Live there. Taking the same thing, we are now making their recipes famous in our areas so that we can get the taste of those places sitting here. So we start the recipe and Let your acquaintance know what things you will need in them.

Ingredients for Refried Bean Salad:

First, you should have two cooked beans.

Then you have one onion that is finely chopped.

Two kinds of garlic which should be chopped.

One tablespoon of olive oil, also known as vegetable oil.

A teaspoon of cumin.

A teaspoon of chili powder.

Salt and pepper to your liking or to taste.

Juice of one lemon.

A large tomato was chopped.

A cucumber is sliced.

½  cup fresh cilantro.

One avocado sliced.

¼  cups of grated cheese.

Finally, tortilla chips for serving.

Let’s See How to Make Refried Bean Salad Step By Step:

1: Friends, the first thing to do is to heat the olive oil as much as we told you in a pan. Now add chopped onion and garlic to it. Cook until tender and fragrant.

2: Add cumin and chili powder to it and cook it for about three to four minutes till it gets cooked.

3: Then you must add the cooked black beans to the skillet and keep toasting it well until you get your desired dish.

4: This time you have to add salt, pepper, and lemon juice over the beans. If you like the taste a little less or more, you can add it as you like.

5: Now all you have to do is to prepare a mixture by adding the amount of tomato, cucumber, chopped red chilies, and avocado as you were told in a big mixing bowl. Take care to mix everything. Shake gently to avoid damaging your decorations.

6: The last step you have to do is how to serve your refried bean salad plate. If you want, you can add extra cheese on top, there is nothing wrong with that. After adding the cheese, now Add or place tortilla chips on top.

Refried Bean Salad


Our dear dear friends and guests, our recipe has come to an end, we can’t call it a recipe because there is no curry or gravy involved in it. So our vegetarian brothers, don’t worry, it is very beneficial for you. And Philly Vegetarian Celed will be the proof. This Celed, as we mentioned earlier, was usually associated with Mexican recipes, but is now emerging in many countries.

If you feel even the slightest difference or benefit from the recipe. You must comment and let us know how you liked the recipe. We sincerely hope there was no shortage in the recipes. If you have any questions feel free to ask us. Take care of yourself and your family. Don’t worry, for now, we will be traveling around Europe and bringing you lots of delicious recipes. Will continue to do so and that too with greater speed than before.


Q1: Is refried bean salad related to Mexican dishes?

Yes of course it started with Mexican recipes but now it has spread all over the world. Even if it is not popular, we still present it to you so that you can enjoy the food abroad.

Q2: Can we use some extra vegetables or eggs inside the seal?

Yes, of course, it will be a very good thing that if you eat boiled eggs skillfully cut and garnished, they will enrich you with vegetable fiber as well as protein.

Q3: Can we use salad in the morning for breakfast?

Yes, You can use it after breakfast. Eat in the afternoon and night. You can Eat it at any time of the day. It is freshly made.

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