Raspados Recipe: You Can Make Mix Flavor Shaved Ice


Raspados Recipe Here is a cool recipe that you will want to eat this summer season. So how good would it be to beat the heat by preparing it at home without going out in this hot weather? You heard it right, we are going to talk about the Raspados Recipe, which is considered to be a summer treat.

You and I know very well how intense the heat is in Mexico. So, in that sense, they should consume a lot of the things that we are going to start talking about today. So, please stay with us and see how it works in your body with just a few ingredients.

And how to cool off your body. It usually involves an exciting trip to Mexico to make the flavors. Only then can you make it and enjoy your family in the heat of the afternoon. Some will find it a mood-pleasing opener. So waste no more time and move on to your recipe and see what little ingredients can be combined to make it.

Check Out the Ingredients That Make Raspados Recipe:

First of all, you have to take fresh fruit of your choice, which usually includes our flavors strawberry, pineapple, watermelon, and banana.

Then after choosing your fruit, you will have a cup of water.

A cup of granulated coarse sugar.

A spoonful of lemon juice.

Lots of ice cubes to soak up the heat.

And finally add condensed milk of any good company, tamarind candy, or shredded coconut for topping.

Here’s Where to Start With the Raspados Recipe:

1: First of all you have to prepare the fruit and wash your favorite fruit well under running water. Then peel your favorite fruit well and if there are seeds inside, scoop them out and cut them into small pieces. If you have chosen strawberries, remove the stems and quarter them.

2: This time we have to prepare syrup, for this we will add water and sugar to the saucepan and mix well. For this, we will heat the mixture on medium inch and keep stirring so that the sugar dissolves completely. Dissolve and do not even see the water. See that when the sugar is completely dissolved, turn off the stove lift it, and keep it aside.

3: Now It’s Time to Blend Your Favorite Fruit:

Put the chopped fruit pieces in the blender. After that, add the juice of one lemon. It will take a long time to blend to make it. Check it and taste it a little, adding more sugar and mixture if needed.

4: Prepare your favorite glasses or those of your loved ones and add more than half of the ice cubes to them. Obviously, without ice cubes, any kind of drink looks useless.

5: Now take your Raspados Recipe mixture pour them generously into the glasses and fill them up to the brim. Remember to add the ice cubes first and only then add the mixture. Because if you add the mixture first and the ice After the cube, your mixture will start to fall out.

6: This time we have to add our toppings for this we will pour condensed milk on top of each glass which will give a great taste. Then tamarind candy or shredded coconut flakes to add more flavor. Add them which will make your glass more beautiful and tasty as well. Take your Raspados recipe is fully prepared and ready to soak up the heat. Now serve it to your family or loved ones. Place in a beautiful dish and serve as many glasses with beautiful straws.

Raspados Recipe


So, what do you think about beating the heat? Of course, if you are watching it in winter, then you will find it useless, but if you watch it in summer, that is, when your If it is hot season in the area, now you will like this recipe very much. And you will want to make and drink it at your home without any hindrance or hesitation.

Especially when you are thirsty and your heart is full. Want anything that comes in the form of a drink and I can get it down my throat. So our advice is to go for nothing else but this beneficial and heat-busting recipe that we have presented. Make it at home and make it in such a large amount that you can have another glass if your heart desires.

Hope you will like this sweet and cold recipe of ours and you must try it. That concludes our recipe and see you with some of your salty sweet or cold recipes. Until then stay away from the heat and take care of yourself and your family.


Q1: Can we use any other fruits like pineapple and melon etc. to make a raspado recipe apart from the ones mentioned by you?

Yes, of course, you can use any kind of fruit in it, but only you have to take care that the fruit should be sweet and it is better if it does not have seeds in it. Take the fruit but never forget to peel it and blend it for a long time.

Q2: Tell us anything else we are adding to it besides ice that will keep us cold longer.

Yes, of course, I think I didn’t tell you that in the recipe, but here I tell you that you must use cardamom with all these ingredients. If someone is allergic to the smell of cardamom, then surely Do not put it inside it, but those who do not have it must use it. Because cardamom is such a natural thing that, when mixed with water, keeps us feeling cool for a long time.

Q3: Can we use home milk like cow or buffalo milk other than canned milk to make this soft drink?

Of course, you can use cow’s or buffalo’s milk in addition to canned milk. We aim to provide only the taste that you can use in any type of milk.

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