Puri Khaja: How to Make this Crispy Sweet at Home


Puri khaja in every state has its distinct cultural food. Here every festival is celebrated especially many traditional dishes are also prepared. Now when the festivals of Diwali Eid and Holi are coming so sweet start being prepared in everyone’s house. Today we talk about the crispy sweet that is named Puri Khaja. Let’s talk about the recipe of Puri Khaja.

The Dough of Puri khaja:

I would gladly introduce some easy tips and variations for preparing a Puri Khaja recipe. Firstly the dough is very important and I would recommend adding oil to the flour before kneading. This will help the puri sweet to have a crisp and flaky texture. Secondly, the sugar syrup should have a string consistency and the syrup should not be hot while dipping in the sweets.

Deep Frying Process of Puri khaja:

The sugar syrup and flying shoot are done. Finally, fry the Puri khaja sweet in batches do not overcrowd the frying pan. Be patient while frying and keep the flame at low to medium note high.

Puri khaja Specialety in Andhra Pradesh:

In most of the houses, women like to make laddus. But if you are thinking of making something different in sweets on Big occasions you can try this recipe of Puri khaja. This is a famous sweet of Andhra Pradesh.

Why is this Sweet called Bihari Sweet:

This is a traditional dish of all the Andhra Pradesh. Which is prepared by dipping in flour and sugar syrup. People like to make it on special occasions like Holi, Eid, and Diwali. However, it is called by many names like Andhra Chiroti, and Puri khaja. This dessert is trendy in Bihar and many people also know it as Bihari khaja. But we know it is a Puri khaja. Now you can make it very easily let’s see the ingredients.

Short Ingredients of Puri khaja:

1: Flour 400 grams

2: Baking powder 2 teaspoon

3: Oil 3 spoons

4: Milk 45ml

5: Cardamom powder 1 teaspoon

6: Coconut powder 1 cup

7: Salt as per your taste

8: Sugar or sugar syrup 500 grams

9: Water as per your recipe requirement

Detailed Ingredients About Puri khaja:

1: Make khaja sweets first sift the flour in a bowl and then add all the ingredients like baking powder oil etc and mix it well.

2: Now add water to the flour and knead it well.

3: Then keep aside for 20 minutes.

4: When the dough is well set roll the dough and make an equal amount of dough into balls.

5: Roll all the balls thinly like Rotis or keep them aside.

6: You have to make puri khaja for this you keep roti on a plate to apply flour and oil to it.

7: So that the layers of dough Do not stick to each other.

8: Place another roti on it and in the same way make a layer of all the role rotis.

9: Fold these roti and make a role. Then cut the roll from the sides thinly in the shape of a Puri khaja.

10: Heat oil in a pan on low flame. When the oil is hot deep fry the Puri

11: Now you have to make syrup for this put the sugar and water in a vessel and prepare the syrup.

12: Put the fried Puri one by one in the syrup and leave it for some time.

13: After some time take out the khaja from the syrup and serve it to your gatherings.

Some Important Tips About Khaja:

Make as many rolls as possible to get as many layers. Additionally don’t worry about the amount of sugar as the entire sugar syrup is not consumed. Now your Puri needs to be completely dipped in sugar syrup for juicy layers. When your Puri is prepared flaky and with multiple layers it tastes so delicious.

Puri khaja


Take it, my dear viewers and attendees, your Puri khaja is ready. Now you can enjoy eating it. Eat it to your heart’s content and feed it to your children too. The delicious thing about our daily toppings is that you can eat your homemade recipes. As we often see in markets or bazaars, it is difficult for us to eat things due to rush and dirt and flies.

Due to this we also get some stomach problems due to eating outside food. So recipes are all about clean food made by your own hands. I sincerely hope that you will like this recipe very much. So, viewers, keep visiting my website Famous Indian Food, and keep watching and learning the full store of many recipes.

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