Privacy Policy

We are very grateful for your inclusion in the privacy policy page of on our website. The high quality of recipes and your trust are among our top priorities. Find out on this page how we protect your personal information and your data. Your privacy while using our website is held in trust with us.


Security means your personal information, your data, your comments, and anything you share will be secure on our website. We have many other websites in the market similar to our website. So we cannot take responsibility for them, we can and will continue to provide you complete security on our website.

Cookies Policy:

We generally use the same cookies that you see in front of you to enhance your browsing experience. The purpose of cookies is to provide you with the best possible access and to provide what you have requested. Your browsing habits improve our service.

Information We Collect:

Usually when you contact us by visiting our newsletter or our contacts. So sometimes we need your name, your number, and your email. This is necessary so that we can reply to you as soon as possible. Can answer your related questions.

Learn About Google Analytics:

We generally use Google Analytics to analyze the usage patterns of our visitors. This process helps us understand the wishes of our customers and further improve the content we offer.

Third-Party Links:

In general, our website Famous Indian does not contain any third-party links. So we are fully responsible for your privacy and process. Sometimes, if you see a third-party link within any of our content, please understand their full security policy before clicking on that link. So that your browsing experience and your complete data can be protected.

What is Meant By Opting Out:

Opting out means that you have an option that you can use to block ads from Google. Sometimes, if you don’t like an ad, you can turn it off or report it. Because this permission is given by the Google App itself.

The Most Important Part of Children’s Privacy:

Our website will generally be inappropriate for children under 10 years of age. Yes, if a child is interested in recipes, he can visit our website without hesitation. But as far as young children are concerned, they don’t have much to do with recipes, so young children are more interested in other types of websites or reading. If you have received any complaint regarding your child that your child has provided any information about you on our website. So you don’t have to worry at all that your personal information may go somewhere else from this website. This website is safe for adults and women.

Some Changes to Website Policies:

If you feel that we have made any changes to our contact pages that is making it a bit difficult for you to contact us. So don’t worry at all because we can make such a change but will always keep our contacts visible to you. So that you can contact us anytime with any kind of question.

Website and Media Relations:

If you upload any personal social media links or personal photos to our website. So, in this case, our website is fully responsible that it will not collect your valuable and personal data. But if other people like you visit our website, we cannot give them responsibility. So a small request would mean don’t share your very valuable information like your photos, your social accounts, your bank accounts of any kind, and similar data.

How Long We Keep Your Data For:

Generally, your data will not expire if any comments are issued. In our tireless work and service to you, we believe that your comments will also be a guide for us. So they will remain on our website until you remove them yourself. So always write a positive and encouraging comment so that it will serve you. They can offer their services to you more than before.

What Rights Do You Have on this Website About Your Data:

If you have created any kind of account on our website, for example, another account, or commented. So you can feel free to ask us to return our data or our accounts to you. And our priority will be to get to your point as soon as possible. You also have full authority to have the data you have provided to us deleted and to do so by your wishes. We are obliged to comply with your administrative legal or security purposes.