Pista Barfi: How to Make a Tasty Dish at Home


Pista Barfi is a Classical sweet recipe prepared with a combination of almonds and pistachio dry fruit powder. Other popular Barfi recipes like kaju katli or badam Barfi recipe inspire this recipe. Perfect Indian sweet recipes before any occasion and festival season like Diwali and Navratri.

The combination of Almonds in Pista Barfi:

The recipe for pista badam Barfi is exceptionally easy. The combination of almond and pistachio together perfectly creates rich and aromatic dry fruit fudge.

The Quantity of Dry Fruits in Pista Barfi:

In this recipe, I have used an equal proportion of Almonds and pistaches which balance each other taste and flavor. Having said that the combinations can be easily changed to make some great innovations for Pista Badam Barfi. I recommend you increase the quantity of Almonds which makes them more rich and tasty.

Creamy Mixture in Barfi:

Also, add milk powder which not only helps in setting the Barfi but it also makes the Barfi more creamy and rich. But the main reason it is added is to help the statues and Almonds set the mixture and make it easier to shape later.

Ingredients of Pista Barfi:

1: First soak 1/2 cup of warm water for 30 Minutes.

2: peel off the skin and pat dry making sure there is no moisture.

3: Transfer the almonds to a small blender and add 1/2 cup pistachios.

4: Blend to fine powder and keep aside.

5: Prepare sugar syrup by adding one cup of sugar and 1/4 cup of water.

6: Keep the flame low and keep stirring continuously.

7: boil the sugar syrup for 8 minutes or until it forms a string consistency.

8: now add prepared Almonds to Statue powder and two tablespoons of milk powder and mix it well.

9: Add two drops of green food coloring for a bright green color.

10: keep the flame on low to medium and still continuously until it becomes a thick paste.

11: once the mixture starts boiling add one teaspoon oil and 1/4 teaspoon cardamom powder.

12: Although it is optional it adds more flavor to the Barfi.

13: mix continuously until the mixture starts leaving the pan if you like slightly harder Barfi then keep stirring for a longer time.

14: Transfer the mixture onto a greased tray lined with baking paper.

15: Set up a block of the desired thickness full stop. Pat and level the dough.

16: Now add some chopped Almonds and pistachios on top and press a little.

17: let the dough rest for 30  minutes or until it cools slightly.

18: Now when the dough is slightly warm cut it into pieces.

19: Now serve the Pista Badam Barfi recipe once it is completely cool.

20: Store it in an air-tight container and consume it for up to a month.

Important notes for Pista Barfi

Pista Barfi

Always use fresh Almonds and pistachios otherwise the Barfi will not last long stop also soak the almonds thoroughly or balance the almonds to remove the skin easily. Additionally, make sure to get just one string consistency of sugar syrup otherwise it makes the Barfi hard and brittle. For the most remarkably easy and efficient Barfi use a nonstick pan instead of butter paper you can also use a plastic sheet or graced plate to prepare all band Pista Barfi.


The Pista Barfi recipe is easy to make at home. Barfi is a Classical sweet dish all over the world. It is the name of sweetness and aroma in relationships. Yes, it is the name of such a gift that one who eats it once expects to eat it again If its taste is on your tongue, you will crave it again In our country, people often use it after meals, mostly with tea, and in most happy news, people feed each other this barfi to sweeten each other’s mouths. So if you haven’t tried this barfi yet, you must because it’s a very tasty dish.

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