Pidi Kozhukkattai: How to Make this Delicious Recipe at Home


Pidi Kozhukkattai is a traditional South Indian rice flour-based dumpling made during festivals especially Ganesh Chaturthi and made on rainy days. It has a small size and making experience is not difficult. So today we talk about the recipe of pidi Kozhukkattai.

What is Pidi Kozhukkattai:

In Tamil language, the word pidi Kozhukkattai means to hold someone and is also used to measure something such as oru pidi arisi, which means a handful of rice.

Meaning of Kozhukkattai:

Pidi Kozhukkattai is a popular South Indian dumpling made from rice flour filled with grated coconut, jaggery, or chakkavaratti. Kozhukkattai although generally sweet may sometimes be filled with salty feelings. Hence the name Kozhukkattai Saturday. Modak is one such dish which is also made in other parts of India.

Rice Relation with Kozhukkattai:

It differs from rice starch typically made by soaking rice in lye. Rice flour is an alternative to wheat flour.

Flavors of Kozhukkattai:

The flavor of coconut meat is tropical, nutty, and slightly sweet. Its taste is pungent, especially when dried. When coconut is roasted it takes on a Woody flavour with a hint of vanilla. Fruits, water, and milk are all popular and highly valued for their fresh sweet, and invigorating qualities.

Diet Instructions for Pidi Kozhukkattai:

Used as a Spice rather than a base flavor in many Indian dishes. When fried in a little oil with curry leaves they enhance the flavor of Dal or rice disease. As a result, mustard seeds are excellent for adding flavor to your diet without adding fat.

Kozhukkattai Dough:

You can also add one tablespoon of roasted sesame seeds along with coconut if using. It made soft Kozhukkattai and the dough was also easy to handle. If you feel that the dough is dry and breaking use one or two teaspoons of warm boiled water. If the door is sticky and loose then add one or two teaspoons of flour and mix it well.

Short Ingredients of Kozhukkattai:

1: Rice flour 1 cup

2: Water 2 cups

3: Coconut 1/2 cup grated

4: Salt as per your taste

5: Oil 2 spoons 

6: Mustard Seeds 1 teaspoon

7: Split urad dal 1 tablespoon

8: Dry red chili 3 small pieces

9: Asafoetida 1/4 teaspoon

10: Curry leaves 1 spring

Detailed Ingredients of Pidi Kozhukkattai

1: Boil the oil in a pan add all the masala ingredients and fry for a minute.

2: Add water, salt, and Coconut and boil it.

3: once it boils cook on low flame and add rice flour gradually and mix well so that no lumps are formed.

4: Now keep cooking until it leaves the sides and comes together.

5: Take out this mixture in a bowl and let it cool so that you can handle it.

6: when it cools down once so that it becomes smooth.

7: Apply oil on your hands and grace them take out a small portion of it and press it lightly like carefully.

8: Now repeat the same with the remaining flour.

9: Place it in the steamer and steam for 9 to 10 minutes.

10: Let it cool slightly before serving.

Pidi Kozhukkattai


So here is your pidi Kozhukkattai. You are ready to eat. Make this simple Pidi Kozhukkattai for the upcoming vinegar Chaturthi offers and enjoy it with your family gatherings and friends. This dish is tested a little differently from other dishes. People usually buy this souvenir on the go and start eating. And this thing is very common among us people that we like to eat most of the things outside. But I will keep telling you different types of recipes daily. Keep visiting my website and learning so many delicious recipes.

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