Patties Food: This is a Delicious Recipe All over India


Patties Food if you are bored with chaat pakoda’s balla papdi is in the market. So you can try some unique recipes for patties at home. Parties are a type of snake that people of all ages like to eat that is food is one of the favorite Street foods in India. Beta wedding or a party you will see stars of patties everywhere.

Some Types of Patties Food:

Feeling children is a challenging task but if it is done interesting then the difficulty can become a little easier. So today we have brought you these seven tasty and healthy recipes for patties food which can be made easily at home.

Make these Seven Patties Food Recipes Easily for Breakfast:

1: Potato Patties:

If there is going to be a party at your house or it is your child’s Party birthday then what snacks should you prepare that will fill the stomachs of the guests so they will also enjoy these snacks if you are also looking for a similar recipe in the new must-try potato patties. Potato patties look like tikkis but the method of making them is slightly different in which crumbled bread is used Potato Patties are a quick recipe that is very easy to make. You can make it for breakfast or evening snacks at home.

2: Rubbed Patties Food:

You will find stalls or ragda patties in almost every corner of Mumbai. This dish is the first choice of Marathi and Gujaratis. Ragda Patties are very easy to make and they are also delicious to eat. Bet your mouth will water when you see these patties being made in front of you. Given the increasing infection of Coronavirus eating outside can prove to be harmful to health in such a situation by making ragda patties food at home. You can keep your family healthy and can also feed them something tasty on weekends.

3: Suran Paneer Patties:

Suran paneer patties food is a nutritious snake for children as well as people of all ages. This is a very easy and Crispy that can be made quickly at home. In this suran paneer is used instead of potatoes. It is a healthy food that people usually eat for breakfast. Suran Paneer Patties can usually be served with mint chutney or green chili and tomato chutney or even with ketchup, there is nothing wrong with that.

4: Indore Copra Patties:

Indore is an exciting City for street food lovers of India. The Copra patties here are very famous. This special type of patties is a special recipe of Indore. It can be prepared quickly by mixing boiled potatoes grated Copra, green chillies, green coriander, and spices. The taste of Copra patties with tamarind chutney can be doubled.

5: Banana Patties Food :

These banana patties made from raw bananas boiled potatoes and rajgira flour are very tasty to eat. The special thing is that this recipe is liked by children and adults, which you can eat even during your fast.

6: Instant Vegetarian Patties:

Patties Food

The vegetable patties food recipe is a quick and easy dish to prepare. These crisp, flaky, and spicy snacks can be prepared by stuffing mixed vegetables, mixed potatoes, onions, green chilies, green corianders, beans, cabbage, and green vegetables of your choice and stuff them in crumbled bread. This breakfast can be ready in just 15 minutes at home.

7: Quinoa and Vegetable Patties:

It has become a common thing these days to eat and love quinoa to stay healthy. It is usually rich in fiber. The development of quinoa patties is not only healthy but also very tasty to eat. This is a fusion patties food recipe. Which can be made quickly by mixing green vegetables with quinoa.


Patties food recipe is a very tasty and simple food that everyone likes. Let me tell you one thing it is not only delicious but also easy to make. It is usually eaten as a breakfast during summer days. And if you like it It will taste even better if you eat it with your family. It contains a combination of different spices giving it a unique taste. You can customize this recipe as per your taste and enjoy eating it with your family. Now hot delicious potato patties with different types are ready. You can serve them with your favorite chutney, tomato sauce, or green chutney.

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