Patoli Recipe: Now You Can Make This Dish at Home


Patoli Recipe is a global food hub where the culinary world is a treasure trove of unique and delicious dishes. It is a dish that tells the stories of cultures and traditions. One such is Mini Patoli. A traditional dish that belongs to the heart of Indian cuisine. It is deeply rooted in regional flavors and ancient cooking techniques. Patoli’s recipe is a testament to the artistry and sophistication that can be found in kitchens around the world. Especially this recipe found in Indian kitchens.

This Recipe is a Part of India:

This patoli recipe originated from the western part of India. It holds a special place in the culinary traditions of communities like the Sarsuda, and Brahmins. This pleasure is not just a god but a cultural identity. It’s a celebration of the craftsmanship that creates souvenirs.

The Art of Making Patoli:

Patoli is a steamed rice roll that is rich in flavor. It’s a celebration of the craftsmanship that creates souvenirs. It encloses a spicy filling. This dish is prepared during major festivals and special occasions and is very popular. Where families come together to share not only food. But also the love and warmth associated with the art of cooking.

The Ingredients of Patoli:

For the Rice Flour Batter

1: Rice flour 2 cups

2: Water as needed

3: Salt a pinch and as per your taste

For the Filling of Patoli:

1: Grated coconut 1 cup

2: Jaggery powder 1 cup

3: Cardamom powder 1 teaspoon

For the Outer Layer of Patoli:

Turmeric leaves can be used as an alternative to banana leaves

The Recipe of Patoli:

1: Prepare the Rice Flour Batter

Mix rice flour with water in a big mixing bowl to make a smooth and beautiful batter. Add a pinch salt of to taste. The consistency should be thin enough to spread easily on the turmeric leaves.

2: Prepare the Filling of Patoli

Now in a separate bowl, mix the grated coconut powder jaggery, and cardamom powder well. Make sure the jaggery is evenly distributed to create a sweet and aromatic filling.

3: Assemble the Recipe

Take a turmeric leaf and spread a thin layer of rice flour evenly on one side. Spoon the coconut and jaggery mixture over the dough. Spread it in a line down the center of the leaf.

4: Fold and tie the Recipe 

Carefully fold the turmeric leaves over the filling. And make a cylindrical shape of it. Make sure one edge is sealed well. Tie the folded leaves tightly to secure the patoli. 

5: Steam the Recipe

Arrange the prepared patties in the steamer and steam for about 20 to 25 minutes. The steam will infuse the flavors cook the rice flour and fill well.

Giving the Recipe Through the Generations:

As the aroma of patoli fills the air, it becomes a laugh-out-loud experience. Which transcends the boundaries of food. It was a culture and became a legacy. Not just a recipe but a way to connect with the roots. In each novel, one can taste the history and stories that will be passed down from generation to generation.



See the audience and viewers, today’s Recipe Patoli is ready. In each novel, one can taste the history and stories that will be passed down from generation to generation. In a world where culinary traditions are evolving, recipes for some dishes. Now you can eat it to your heart’s content and feed it to your dear friends and relatives too.

More than just food, it is a living tradition that brings people together. Promotes a sense of community and cultural pride. So the next time you enjoy a piece of Patoli, don’t just savor its delicious flavors. But also see the rich history and stories wrapped in every delicious bite. Viewers, I sincerely hope that you will also like this recipe of ours. Keep visiting my website Famous Indian Food and I will continue to provide you with many recipes.

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