Papadzules: A Delicious and Interesting Recipe Ever


Papadzules viewers, we have embarked on an interesting journey in which you will have a lot of fun and learn a lot. Yes, friends, our journey is also related to a Mexican recipe. With all hope, we like you very much. Therefore we prefer to stay here for the time being until our recipes are completed from here.

We will not be able to move forward and neither This will leave the job incomplete. So a small request to you is to stay connected with us and follow the many recipes of Mexican recipes. I guess the introduction and connection of the recipe are clear from where it comes from. Now moving on to further introduction of our recipe.

What is Interesting About Our Recipe Papadzules:

We hope to be able to answer this question positively. Generally, this recipe of ours is related to an ancient region of Mexico and Yucatan. Think of this dish as having originated from here. Now if we look, it has spread so much that it is no longer a specific recipe of this region. And think for yourself that we are spreading this recipe to where so how can you and we say that it is a specific type of dish?

Therefore, whatever recipes we are sharing with you, you also have the right to see them on our platform and try them at home. and will make your loved ones very happy by feeding them many delicious recipes. So the connection and introduction of our recipe is complete, now let’s move on to how to make it and what ingredients must be added to it.

Find Out What Are the Key Ingredients Used in Papadzules:

First of all, you have to take five to six hard-boiled eggs.

Then you have to take two cups of cooked chicken.

An onion that should be finely chopped.

Two tomatoes should be chopped.

Garlic cut into two pieces.

A tablespoon of olive oil.

Salt and pepper to taste.

Here Are the Ingredients For Making an Extra Sauce:

One cup of toasted pumpkin seeds.

A cup of fresh red pepper leaves.

Two large cloves of garlic.

A roasted peno pepper with no seeds inside.

1 cup of chicken broth.

Salt to taste.

12 corn tortillas.

A cup of tomato sauce.

½ cup grated queso fresco cheese.

This is one-two-cup Mexican crema.

Fresh red chili leaves for garnishing.

Now Learn How to Make Papadzules in Order:

1: First of all you have to take a big pan and heat olive oil in it on a medium inch. In it now you have to add onions and garlic and fry them well.

2: Add chopped tomatoes, chicken etc. Cook it till they are well mixed and the flavor comes out. After that add black pepper and cook for a while. Step aside.

3: To make the sauce, now you have to put the toasted pumpkin seeds in a blender, then add the chili leaves, garlic, jalapeños, chili, chicken, and vegetable broth. Then you have to keep blending until smooth and see if it seems a bit dry then you can add more chicken broth to it. Also, use salt according to your taste in it.

4: Then you continue to heat the corn tortillas on a skillet or until they are pliable and soft. Remember to place a spoonful of chicken filling on each tortilla mound and roll it tightly. Now you have your Arrange the filled tortillas in a baking dish, seam side down. Add your favorite sauce and bake well.

5: You have preheated your tandoor to 175 Celsius. See that the prepared chutney is placed on the rolled tortillas and make sure that they close completely. Stay tuned. And let it bake with the sauce in the preheated oven for 18-22 minutes.

6: Our last step is to present our recipe to our loved ones. We will add tomato sauce and Mexican cream with papadzules to add more beauty to it. Don’t forget to add grated fris cheese along with it. With this your best recipe is ready.



Dear friends, you see that we are still wandering the streets of Mexico just for you. To present the best recipes and dishes just for you. The recipe we have mentioned today is We have already mentioned and popularly known as Papadzules. Believe me, this recipe has become very popular and is being made and used excessively.

We thought of the same. Presented its procedure to you and wanted to know why our viewers are left behind in this race. Let’s your only right is to visit us to make your loved ones happy. We are at your service. We will leave nothing to chance and never left before. They are currently roaming the streets of Mixco and bringing you more and better recipes.

We request you to stay connected with us. And sharing the delicious journey. With this, our recipe comes to an end, and see you with our next recipe. Until then take care of yourself and your family. Finally one important thing I always say. Never allow your children to come into the kitchen while you are cooking, especially when you are heating some kind of oil.


Q1: Was Papadzules a Mexican recipe?

Yes, of course, this recipe of ours belongs to Mexico. Its invention and its origin are related to the Yucatan, an ancient region of Mexico.

Q2: Can we use any chutney other than green chili chutney?

Of course, it depends on what kind of chutney you like. If you want, we can also provide you with a recipe that will show you how to make a complete variety of chutneys. Make whatever kind of chutney you like for this dish of ours and enjoy.

Q3: Can Papadzules be eaten with naan or bread?

Yes, by the way, people generally like to eat it raw. But if your hunger is not satisfied with this recipe alone, you can feel free to use naan or roti with it. Allow because it is beneficial for our body in every way.

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