Panucho Recipe: A Dish Full of Flavor and Protein


Panucho Viewers We have introduced another Maximin recipe which is going to be very delicious and healthy for you. The dish we are going to discuss is called Panucho. This dish is famous all over Mexico. And a lot of cooking and eating is being done. Yes, all the recipes we are presenting in front of you are some of the most delicious and popular dishes.

We are doing all this to make you feel at home. can enjoy street foods in a safe environment. Yes, you must know what we are talking about, now we are going to give you a little information about this recipe. Stay connected with us on this journey and see how we bring this delicious journey to an end.

Here’s What’s Important in the Panucho Recipe:

Let me tell you what it is. It’s a crispy corn tortilla recipe filled with black bean paste. You will often see it garnished with salsa in most restaurants. This is done because it offers a rich array of flavors that appeal to people and make them want to eat more. So now without wasting time let’s move to our point and see that the recipe requires but ingredients to make. And tell you what things are put in them.

What Are the Ingredients Required to Make the Panucho Recipe:

1 cup of masa harina i.e. corn flour.

One cup of cooked black beans.

1 cup shredded chicken.

An avocado that should be sliced.

A big beautiful red tomato that has been sliced.

Chop two red onions.

One cup of shredded lettuce.

¼ cups of pickled red onion.

¼  cups chopped red pepper.

A limo.

Salt to taste.

Our last ingredient is mustard oil which we will fry with.

Learn How to Make Your Own Panucho Recipe:

1: First prepare the corn flour mix the flour in a mixing bowl with a pinch of salt. It has to be mixed until it is smooth and medium in shape ie. Neither too hard nor too soft.

2: Then we have to form the dough into patties. Flatten each patty on a disc and its size should be about a quarter.

3: Now we have to heat oil in a pan on the middle inch of the stove. Cook the masa desks for about three to four minutes on each side until they turn brown. When they are done cooked, keep it aside to cool.

4: See that once the wipe disc is cool, carefully make a small slit in the middle of it which will serve to fill it.

5: What to do is put a spoonful of black beans inside the pocket of each wiping disc and remember that they should be evenly layered.

6: Now you have to spread the chopped chicken your avocado pieces big red tomato red onion chopped lettuce pickled red onion and black beans along with the chopped red onion.

7: Flavors If you’re feeling a bit dull, squeeze a lemon over it to spice it up and see how it enhances the flavor.

8: Finally all you have to do is heat mustard oil in a large kadai on medium inch. Cook your Panucho in it until golden brown and perfectly crispy. When you see When it is fully cooked, take it out and place it on tissue paper to absorb the excess oil.



Viewers, as seen, have presented another delicious recipe that maybe someone else will tell you. Our best dish is called Panucho which is usually associated with Mexican street food. You are with us. Thank you so much for connecting and keep coming and watching the recipes of many delicious recipes. Keep learning, keep thinking, and feed your family and loved ones with lots of delicious dishes. Only for today.

I hope you like this recipe of ours. See you with your next recipe. Until then, take care of yourself and your family. Finally, one important thing to all of you friends. I repeat every time, keep your children away from the kitchen while cooking, especially when you are heating the oil, thank you.


Q1: Can we use more meat in Panucho?

Yes, of course, if you are a meat lover, you can add extra meat and cook it well. You just need to know how to eat it.

Q2: Can we use any oil other than mustard to fry something?

Yes, of course, you can use whatever oil you have in your house for frying. You don’t have to use only vegetable oil, whatever oil you have in your house with your ration. You use it, we give you full permission to do so.

Q3: Is your procedure for this recipe accurate and complete?

Yes, of course, don’t worry about it at all, our method is both awesome and completely successful. Feel free to follow our method and feed your loved ones with delicious recipes.

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