Pantua: How to Make this Sweet Recipe at Home


Pantua is a famous and traditional juicy dessert of the state of West Bengal in India. In this recipe, the main ingredient of this sweet is a chhena which is a soft mixture prepared by adding some semolina, khoya, and flour. The mixture is shaped into short sweet balls like laddus fried in oil and then dipped in the sugar syrup.

What the Pantua are the Same as Gulab Jamun:

It was a group of fried sweets. The texture of this sweet is round soft tender juicy and brown. It is a similar type of desert to Gulab Jamun. So let’s see about the recipe for Pantua.

Pantua-Making Process in Festivals:

It is a very popular dish for all the festivals like Eid, Diwali, and Holi. This sweet is for any special occasions and celebrations. This dessert is delicious and nutritious. The nutritious properties of milk are present in this sweet. This dessert is fresh for at least 4 to 5 days if stored in an air-tight container and refrigerator.

What is Chhena in Pantua:

China laddus have to be dipped in sugar syrup and kept for about 3 to 4 hours. This delicious dessert becomes completely ready for consumption. This is easy to make at home. Let’s follow the main ingredients to make some easy and delicious recipes at home.

Ingredients of Pantua Recipe:

1: Chhena 200 grams

2: Khoya grated 45 to 50 gram

3: Oil 1 tablespoon

4: Flour 1 teaspoon

5: Sunflower oil as required

6: Sugar 200 gram

7: Rose Water 4 to 5 Drops

8: Water 4 cups

9: Total time for your recipe is 30 to 35 minutes.

The Boiling Process:

Add some water to the whistle and boil it on flame. Now put the sugar in water and boil for some time. When the sugar melts completely the water will be a ladle for some time. After some time apply a drop of syrup on your finger and taste it. When it becomes a little sticky it should be understood that the syrup is ready.

The Fragrance of Pantua:

When Chhena becomes soft add one tablespoon of oil and mix it well. Doing this the result of the fragrant will be very good you can see and smell it. Now add grated khoya to the match in a mixed well. Shape the Chhena mixture into long cylindrical shapes like little balls. Add grated semolina to mashed chhena and mix it well.

The Pantua Will Be Stored:

Feel the Chhena water in a separate glass bottle and keep it in the refrigerator. When it is suitable for curdling the milk at any time. Use this water while cooking paneer, curry, or other vegetables. Using Chhena water while kneading dough for Puri, paratha, and bhatura gives you good results. All the nutritious elements of milk are present in this water now you can add them to some recipes.

Let’s See Some Important Tips About Pantua:

Do not put the pantua balls in hot syrup while it is still hot. There is a need to add any soda to prepare this desert of the pantua. Try the Chhena balls on always low flame. If Chhena is good then the swed will rise automatically for your recipe. The inside will cook properly.



Take it viewers and attendees, our recipe Pantua sweet balls is ready. Now you can eat it to your heart’s content and feed it to your children too. As I mentioned in one of my earlier recipes, it is also mostly used on festive occasions.

It is a pleasure to eat it when its refined sheera touches our tongue. So as I mentioned earlier, it has a high sugar content. So keep it away from your elders especially those who have diabetes. I sincerely hope that you will like this recipe very much and that you will also visit my website Famous Indian Food for more delicious recipes.

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