Paneer Pasanda: Make This Recipe With Your Hands


Paneer Pasanda Dear Friends Today we are going to talk about this recipe. What is the secret behind its taste? Join us on this journey and learn how to make this delicious recipe. In the journey, we will bring to the fore the fascinating scene of Paneer Pashada. This recipe belongs to many regions by the way. But mostly it belongs to the Andhra Pradesh region. This recipe is mostly made and eaten here. This is the recipe that brings together people in a love mold. Let’s connect with us and learn how to make it with your own hands at home or anywhere.

Another Name for Paneer Pasanda is Cottage Paneer:

The Paneer Pasanda recipe is made with a touch of mud and a little flavored filling. It is otherwise called well known Indian curds. This paneer is typically stuffed between two pieces. And afterward in the wake of filling it. Sesame is served well. It is best loaded down with the extravagance of tomatoes and onions and eaten. So we propose that you figure out how to make it as quickly as time permits and make it at home for some individuals. Acquire believability with regards to food varieties or recipes.

Ingredients for Paneer Pasanda:

Take 250 grams of cheese, which is half a kg.

Cashews ¼  cups finely chopped.

Raisins were cut into one cup.

Green chilies are finely chopped.

Two tablespoons of chopped fresh coriander.

Hot spices one spoon.

Salt to taste.

Besan one large two cups.

Red chili powder one to two teaspoons.

One teaspoon of turmeric powder.

½  cup of water or as needed.

After this Step, We Will Now Gather the Ingredients to Make the Gravy:

The onion is finely chopped.

Puree two tomatoes.

Ginger garlic paste in one spoon.

Cashew nuts 10 to 11 which should be soaked in water.

Two tablespoons of cream.

Two spoons of butter.

Red chili powder one to two teaspoons.

Turmeric powder is one to four teaspoons.

Garam masala one strip two teaspoons.

And lastly, coriander to sprinkle on top of the recipe.

Step-By-Step Procedure for Making Paneer Pasanda:

1: In our first step, for the cheese filling, you will mix chopped cashews, raisins, green chilies, fresh coriander, hot spices, and salt in a bowl. Now slowly fill the paneer pieces with a mixture and keep aside.

2: Preparing outer batter In a separate bowl, mix besan, red chili powder, turmeric powder, and salt. Slowly add water and stir continuously until a smooth batter is prepared.

3: Put the stuffed cheese pieces into the batter. Take care to coat it evenly.

4: Frying the Paneer Pieces

Heat oil in a pan then add the paneer pieces to the hot oil and cook till it turns golden or dark brown. When it goes well, plate it.

5: In the main step we have to prepare the gravy for which we will heat the butter in another pan add the onions and saute until they burn and the onions are no longer tender. Add ginger and garlic paste to it and cook till the gas or raw smell goes away.

6: Add tomato, chili powder, turmeric, and salt. And cook them well. Blend the soaked barley into a smooth paste. Then add it to the same pan with tomatoes. Cook for some time. Add cream and hot spices and mix it. Check and add water if required.

7: Boiling Recipe Now place the fried paneer pieces in your wonderful gravy. Let them simmer for a few minutes. Keep this in mind to absorb the flavors of the paneer gravy well.

8: Our last step is to decorate our recipe like a bride before serving it. So that it touches the hearts of the eaters and the viewers, of course, it is not a bride but it should be decorated like a bride. Now you are in it. Add coriander and serve it with naan or roti to your loved ones and loved ones.

Paneer Pasanda


Viewers, my dear audience, you have seen that we have presented a two-in-one recipe that will appeal to both salty eaters and sweet eaters. Its name is Baneer Pasand and we have prepared this recipe with great difficulty. Presented. And our purpose of presenting is only so that our brothers and sisters who do not know the method can reach them and benefit them because that is our joy. Recipe with full hope.

You will love it very much which is prepared with great effort. Make it and see how it works and contact us if you have any doubts or queries. We are grateful for your passion for making your recipes. And we support you. With that, my dear viewers, see you in your next recipe. Until then, take care of yourself, and take care of your children.


Q1: Can we make this recipe directly from your website?

Yes, my dear viewers you can do that you have full rights. And if you are facing any kind of problem then you can tell us.

Q2: Can we add more dry fruits to this recipe?

Apart from raisins and cashews, G-ups can also add almonds and walnuts, there is nothing wrong with that.

Q3: Does it have too much of a salty taste that will spoil the sweet taste?

No, not at all, both have the same taste so neither the salty can outshine the sweet nor the sweet can outshine the salty.

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