Nimish Sweet Delight: Make it with Milk and Butter


Nimish Sweet Delight Yes, viewers, we are still wandering in Lucknow, the city of kings and nawabs. And the only reason we visited could be to learn the secrets of the delicious food here. The city of Lucknow is the best place to taste a wonderful taste. This city is a place to embark on a journey from which you will never want to return. But our goal is to tell you how you can enjoy these flavors at home. Step into this delicious world of Nimish and bring the essence of this quality of Lucknow before your eyes. So that nothing can be hidden from us.

The First Process of Making the Recipe:

Milk and cream are bubbled to make namush. Furthermore, in the wake of bubbling it, the virus milk is kept in an earthen vessel. This is done so the flavor and drops of night dew are added to the Nimish and its taste is not the same as the food we set up nowadays.

It is ordinarily said that dew drops help to circulate air through the bubbled milk and this is valid. Because of this, the surface of the pudding increments further. Its pleasure additionally increments. Namush is typically ready on a twilight evening. This recipe will sound unusual to pay attention to and make as though we are doing magic on somebody. Be that as it may, simply relax, there is nothing of the sort, we are setting up our recipe.

What is the Means Name of Nimish?

Nimish like butter is also known as malai ki chaat. A sweet delight that has been found for centuries in the Nawabs’ city of Lucknow or, let’s say, in the royal kitchens. Its name Nimish is meant to highlight the momentary and fragile as well as the transitory nature. Along with the recipe, we’ve also told you where it’s from and what it means. Let us now see what are the essential ingredients and how it is made.

What are the ingredients to make the Nimish recipe:

First of all, you should have full-fat milk which is about one liter.

Then you should have a cup of sugar.

Cardamom powder one to two teaspoons.

A strip or a pinch of saffron.

You can add pistachios and almonds and whatever dry fruits you like.

Now let’s see how to make Nimish recipe:

1: Boil the milk first Put the milk in a wide-bottomed pan. And start boiling it. And keep stirring it as it boils to prevent it from sticking to the bottom.

2: Our second step involves boiling and skimming. Once the milk boils, turn down the heat on your stove. And keep removing the cream that forms on its surface. And this is what gives Nimish its ethereal texture.

3: Sweetening the deal. Now all you have to do is add the sugar while stirring the milk and slowly add it little by little. Allow the sugar to dissolve completely while adding the sweetener to the milk.

4: Formation of taste. Add cardamom powder and a pinch of saffron strips. These aromatic elements will give Nimesh a brand-new taste and beautiful fragrance.

5: Pour the mixture into a wide shallow dish. And keep it cool. Once it is at room temperature, put it inside the refrigerator. Because if you keep it warm immediately after cooking, the recipe will have a problem and your refrigerator will also have a problem.

6: When the mixture has cooled take it out and knead it. It is very important to check the Nimish to achieve a light and airy texture.

7: Our last task is to decorate our recipe. For serving, pour the nimish into as many bowls as you have family members. Now sprinkle the finely chopped fruits of your choice on top. And now you have a royal sweet delight. And you can win the heart of an ordinary person even if he becomes a king or a Nawab.



Viewers as you know we are still roaming the Nawabi streets of Lucknow. And our aim is not just to hang around but to know and share the secrets behind its dishes. So, we have presented a recipe called Nimish in front of you. It is known as a sweet delight.

Which is closely related to Lucknow, the city of Nawabs and Sardars. This has been our delightful journey into the heart of Lucknow cuisine with Nimish’s recipes. This heavenly dessert is not only mouth-watering but also mouth-watering. So as before I hope you like our recipe. Also, stay connected with me and my website Famous Indian Food to taste the flavors of many delicious and different cities.

If you have any kind of questions or any kind of omission, you can feel free to tell me on my email or WhatsApp number, which you will find prominently on the homepage. See you with my next recipe until then allow me. Take care of yourself and your loved ones and keep them enjoying new foods.

FAQs About the Sweet Delight Recipe:

Q1: Our question to Chef M. Hamad is whether it is necessary to keep it outside on a moonlit night to prepare Namish?

A1: Yes, it is necessary to keep it outside, but it is not necessary to keep it on moon night only, you can keep it outside on normal days as well.

Q2: Our second question to Chef Ahmed is whether it is necessary to add pistachio almonds like dry fruits on top of the recipe?

A2: Yes of course before serving the recipe if you add some fruits to it. So your recipe will come out more refined, that is, it will feel dry.

Q3: Our third and final question to Chef M. Hammad of Famous Indian Food is, is it necessary to chill Namish?

A3: You will get the answer yes. It is important to cool it because cooling makes its structure stronger. And a significant difference can be seen in its test. There is nothing wrong with whoever wants to eat it hot, he can eat it.

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