Mishti Doi: Let’s Make this Sweet Milky Recipe at Home


Mishti Doi emerges as a melodious melody that echoes from Bengal’s kitchens. Translating sweet yogurt into English, this traditional Indian dessert is not just a sweet treat. Rather, it is a journey that pays homage to the richness of Indian full-cream milk. Discover the intricacies of this dessert by unraveling the steps involved in creating this velvety masterpiece that has stood the test of time.

Mishti Doi is Also Popular in Bengal:

A traditional Bengali sweet recipe made with condensed milk. It is a popular Bengali recipe fermented sweet recipe turned into sweet curd. Full cream milk is made with some curd for starters with sugar jaggery.

The Important thing is Full Cream Milk:

Mishti doi is prepared by boiling milk until it reduces by half and becomes thick. Later, creamed sugar or molasses is added to the evaporated milk containing curd.

Let’s Take a Look at the Ingredients of Mishti Doi:

First a liter of full cream milk

A cup of jaggery or sugar

Two tablespoons of curd

Steps to Prepare the Mishti Doi:

1: Boil the milk

Begin by pouring the full cream milk into a heavy-bottomed pan. It is important to use full cream milk to achieve a creamy texture. Who praises Mishti Doi?

2: Thickening the milk

Once the milk comes to a gentle boil, reduce the inch. All you have to do is put it on low heat for about an hour. Also, keep stirring it so that the milk doesn’t burn from the bottom. Keep a close eye on it because it often happens that the milk boils away before we notice it. So keep the inch of your stove so that it boils and does not fall.

3: Sweetening of milk

When the milk thickens, add a dollop of sugar. Jaggery is preferred for its natural sweetness and the subtle hint of jaggery it gives. Stir constantly to ensure that the sweetener is completely dissolved. Add a delicious caramelized flavor to the milk.

4: Cooling the mixture

Allow the sweetened milk to cool to a lukewarm temperature. This step is very important because adding a warm milk curd culture can eliminate fallout cultures.

5: Introduction to Dahi:

Take curd in a separate bowl and whisk it gently to make it smooth. Add a few tablespoons of lukewarm and sweet milk to the curd and mix well. This helps to curdle the curd. When added to warm milk, it prevents curdling.

6: Boil the mixture

Add curd to lukewarm sweetened milk and mix well. Cover the mixture with a clean cloth and let it sit in a warm place to ferment. This process usually takes about seven to nine hours or overnight. The curd culture works its magic and turns the sweet milk into mishti doi.

7: Refrigerate and serve the recipe

Once the mishti doi is set and has reached the desired consistency, transfer it to the fridge to cool. Cooler temperatures enhance flavors and set a velvety texture. Serve the Mishti Doi chilled in earthen pots or dessert bowls, relishing every spoonful of this dessert.

The Important Note About Mishti Doi:

Don’t disturb it by mixing. Alternatively, you can simply preheat and place it in the oven to speed up the process.

Mishti Doi


Viewers today Recipe Mishti Doi is ready. Our recipe this week is quite different from the previous recipe. Most of the milk is used in this recipe. And with milk, curd, and sugar are equally important. Preparing Mishti Doi is more than a recipe. It is a journey through time embracing the essence of Indian cuisine traditions.

From full-boiled full-cream milk to a careful balance of sweetness and smoothness. Every step is a labor of love that results in such a dessert. Our recipe takes almost one night to make. In which you must be patient. So apply yourself to the art of making Masti Doi. And the sweet combustion of flavors will transport you to the heart of Bengal.

Also, I hope viewers will like this recipe. This sweet recipe does not require much effort but it takes time. Stay tuned to my website Famous Indian Food and watch and learn the art of many delicious recipes. My only goal is to keep bringing you the best recipes. So that you can sit at home and enjoy the food outside.


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