Malai Paan: A Beautiful and Fragrant Gift from Lucknow


Malai Paan We are going to talk about a gift that is full of fragrance and also delicious. Yes, friends we are going on a journey today which is related to Lucknow but not with anything salty. Rather than something sweet. We are going to start this chapter and our destination is none other than the irresistible Malai Paan.

If you are also fond of paan i.e. eat paan then this recipe will be very beneficial for you. Lucknow is a vibrant city and is famous for its rich souvenirs and Bhavans. Let’s call it Recipe. Can but can’t say food because it is usually eaten but not salty but also available in markets. Today we will teach you how you can prepare a wonderful Malai Paan at home.

A Souvenir Invented in Lucknow:

A well known Malai Paan Greatness in Lucknow is a unique sweet treat developed by us. Our well known Indian food has appreciated advancement and accomplishment throughout the years because of numerous desserts. The most well known one is Malai Paan or Glori. While visiting Lucknow at the renowned Indian food Malai Brilliance, we considered offering its highlights to you.

A Closer Look at the Essence of Malai Pan:

Malai paan is a special gift from Lucknow’s collection of sweet souvenirs. It is a rich mixture of betel leaves that we call cream and nuts that we eat dry and a delicious mix of spices. Betel leaves are famous for their freshness and ability to be digested by the human body. This item turns into a sweet and savory snack that is loaded with nutrients right before your eyes if you eat it with your eyes. If you prepare it at home, you will find it more cute and beautiful. Let’s proceed to its ingredients without wasting time.

Ingredients Used in Malai Paan:

First, take as many fresh betel leaves as you want to make.

Butter or cream.

Dry fruits are cut into small pieces.

Dry copra.

Blunt rose petal jam.

Sweetened condensed milk.

Fennel seeds.

Chopped dates or figs for added sweetness.

And in the end, they will put a sheet of edible moonshine on top of it for garnishing.

Learn How to Make Malai Paan at Home Step By Step:

1: First prepare the betel leaves by carefully washing them and patting them dry. They should be fresh and vibrant. Remove the central vein from each leaf. You can use tweezers for this.

2: Mix the malai well with the sweetened condensed milk in a bowl. Add a pinch of cardamom powder for a hint of aroma.

3: Lay the prepared betel leaves down in a clean place and apply the malai mixture on top of the leaves. One thing to keep in mind is that the malai should be applied on all sides. Now add dry aromatic coconut fennel seeds and chopped dates or figs to it.

4: To enhance the sweetness of the flowers and make the paan fragrant, place a little gulkand in between, not too much.

5: Save the Delicious Malai Paan After the filling is done, gently fold the bean leaves into a neat Sahar shape. Add another layer of silver foil on top for an extra touch of beauty.

6: Refrigerate malai paan before serving or before eating it by itself. Because this will make the taste last longer in your mouth. If you want to eat it fresh, there is nothing wrong with that. And if you serve this to someone as a dessert after a heavy meal, they will surely be happy whether they are your family members or guests.

Malai Paan


Viewers as you have seen we presented a gift of Lucknow which was not salty but sweet and not too common. Yes, friends we have presented the recipe of Malai Paan at home. So that you can enjoy the outdoors at home and smell your mouth for hours. If you serve it to your guests after the meal, they will surely accept it as a dessert.

If you feed it to your children, they will burst out with joy. The taste of mixing dry beetroot and rose flower buds with the richness of betel leaves is nowhere else to be found. Whether you are a resident of Lucknow or anywhere else. Can be made for any occasion. It’s something that embodies the spirit of the food itself in every meal.

So gather your ingredients. One of the fun things about this commitment is that certain things are more specific. It’s not expensive either. So make it at home with us and if you face any kind of problems, feel free to contact us. Thank you.


Q1: Can we produce malai paan at any time?

Yes, of course, our chef M. Hamad did not limit his time. So you can make it and eat it at any time whether it is day or night.

Q2: Can we prepare it without malai?

Yes of course you can prepare it without malai too. If you do, you have to skip the milk and malai part and follow the rest of the procedure to prepare your simple paan.

Q3: What should be added to paan to bring more aroma?

Add the same stuff as I told you later. But if you want more fragrance you can add some cardamom and fennel which will add to the fragrance.

Q4: Is it necessary to mix milk with malai in malai paan?

By the way, it is necessary, but if you don’t like milk, then don’t add it. Because malai is also made from milk, that’s why it will do the work of milk.

Q5: Is it as important to add dry fruits inside the pan as betel leaves?

Yes, it is also important to give a good taste because, without them, the pleasure of paan will not appear. And you will not enjoy eating paan at all because of the elasticity of the date that sticks to the teeth. There won’t be any fun that comes from having them.

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