Makhan Vada: How to Make this Sweet Balls at Home


Makhan Vada is a famous recipe of Rajasthan. Their dough is prepared from the flour of the stomach. Make some small balls that are made from this dough. And then they are deep-fried in sugar syrup. It is crunchy outside and soft inside. These makhan vada look round and have a lovely golden brown color.

Makhan Vada Like a Snacks:

Makhan vada recipes many people prepare dishes and snacks at home. While most people buy them from the market. Let us tell you that you can easily make this sweet snack recipe at home. If you like to make dishes at home then today this recipe is very interesting for you.

The Work of Oil to Make Makhan Vada:

As far as oil is concerned, oil plays the most important role in it. First of all, we will heat enough oil given the number of our butter. Then we will wait until the oil is fully heated. When our oil is fully heated, we will add our butter one by one. One thing to remember is that we do not put our butter in a big oil and press it with any spoon or other object. Because pressing the butter in this way will break and disintegrate within the oil itself.

Serving Makhan Vada at Big Occasions:

If some special guests or family members and your friends are coming to your house during festivals. Make these sweet recipes and serve them with tea. People who eat this weight prepared from flour sugar and cardamom will like it very much. So let’s talk about today’s recipe makhan vada.

Short Ingredients About Makhan Vada:

1: Flour 2/1 Cups

2: Oil Moyan 1/2 cup

3: Baking Soda 1/4 teaspoon

4: Milk 1 cup

5: Half Sous Pan of boiled oil for frying

6: Sugar 2/1 cups

7: Cardamom powder and saffron threads

8: Water 1/1 cups

Detailed Ingredients About Makhan Vada:

1: Make makhan Vada first take flour in a vessel and baking soda oil to it.

2: Now knead the dough well with milk and keep it for 23 to 25 minutes.

3: After half an hour break the ball from the dough, give it the shape of Balushahi like makhan vada, and make balls from the dough like this.

4: Add the oil to the pan and heat it.

5: When the oil becomes hot fry everything and remove it when it becomes golden brown.

6: Make syrup by adding sugar, cardamom, water, and saffron in a pan.

7: Dip all the makhan vada in the syrup and immerse it for 7 to 8 minutes.

8: Take out everything on a plate cut the dry fruits Ganesh on it and serve it.

Makhan Vada


Let’s see, your makhan vada is ready. Now you can eat it whether you eat it fresh or chilled or whatever you like. You can eat it to your heart’s content and you can also feed it to your children without hesitation. People mostly use it for festivals or the occasion of happiness. Usually, we used to see them in stores but now you will make it yourself. Make it with your own hands and enjoy it.

In our country, such people usually use it to shut each other’s mouths on happy occasions, such as when someone’s relationship is ripe. But the funny thing is that if you prepare it at home, you will be able to sweeten your mouth every day. And I sincerely hope that you will like my recipe as much as before. I am happy to bring you such recipes daily and keep coming back for more great recipes.

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