Kulfi Falooda Recipe: How to Enjoy Home-Made Flavors


Kulfi Falooda Recipe Yes, if you are looking for something sweet and cold, then you have come to the right place that will take you to your destination. So get ready for a treat as we are about to head to the delightful world of Gulf Faluda. This combination of two styles of Lucknow food will enhance your taste buds. And will take you to the vibrant streets of this culturally rich city.

Kulfi Falooda Recipe Also Famous in All the Asia

Assuming you grew up someplace in India or some other Asian country, you should recollect summers. On the off chance that you recollect those summers, there should be a kulfi someplace. I have a few affectionate recollections of those late spring nights. Like whatever other in India, there was a road where every one of the merchants arranged at night to sell road food. Aloo chaat gol guppy sugarcane juice and what we are referring to slow down kulfi falooda and so forth.

What is Falooda and What is Kulfi

Lucknow is famous for its Nawab culture and delicious Bhagwan and its deliciousness. There it is also known as the kulfi falooda recipe. has gifted the world with some of the most delectable dishes. Kulfi Falooda Recipe is no exception. A perfect combination of creamy kulfi silky falooda noodles and sweet aza that will leave you craving more. Let’s start this journey and bring the magic of Lucknow’s Kalfi Falooda to your kitchen or your home. And tell you how to make it.

Ingredients of Kulfi Falooda Recipe

Two cups of full-fat milk.

½  cups of condensed milk.

¼  cups of sugar.

¼  cups of chopped nuts, almonds, pistachios, walnuts, cashews, cashews, etc.

A cup of Phaluda ie Sivyan.

Four cups of water.

Two tablespoons of rose extract.

One tablespoon of vegetable seeds. basil seeds.

Chopped mixed fruits. strawberry. whatever fruit you like, make it as a fruit.

and chopped dry fruits for garnish.

Now let’s see how to make the Kulfi Falooda Recipe:

1: Boil whole milk in a saucepan. Add condensed milk sugar and saffron strips. Keep stirring it well. Simmer the mixture until it thickens, stirring constantly.

2: Now put the chopped inside of it into the nut and keep it aside till it cools down.

3: Pour the mixture into kulfi molds and freeze for at least five to six hours.

4: Cook the flooda sev according to the instructions given in the packet. After cooking, wash it under cold water and keep it aside.

5: Soak green barley in water until it swells. Add cooked falooda sev and green seeds to serving glasses.

6: Take the kulfi molds out of the freezer and open the kulfi. Cut the kulfi into slices or cubes. Serving glasses are similar to flutes with pieces of kulfi on top.

7: Add the chopped mixed fruits on the F side. Pour rose syrup from the kulfi and fruits.

8: Now finally garnish it with chopped fruits i.e. whatever you like as they will make the recipe more beautiful.

Kulfi Falooda Recipe


Viewers our dish Kulfi Falooda Recipe is ready. But I thought that we were making some or the other salty things or heavy meals every day. So let’s make something cold and light and sweet. So that you too can change the taste of your family so that they will not get tired of eating and eating. Yes, you have this wonderful Lucknow-style Kal Pei Alodha Mix.

This is a sweet kulfi that combines the regular flavors with the chewy texture of falooda. This recipe captures the essence of Lucknow’s purity. Brings joy and satisfaction with every spoonful, so why not wait? Gather your ingredients and start creating the flavors of Lucknow in your kitchen and homes. have introduced themselves as a breakthrough in this sweet treat.

FAQs for Kulfi Falooda Recipe by Chef M. Hammad:

Q1. Might I at any point involve low-fat milk for the Kulfi in this recipe?

A. Gourmet specialist M. Hammad suggests involving full-fat milk for a more extravagant and creamier Kulfi. This guarantees the bona fide taste and surface of Lucknow’s Kulfi Falooda.

Q2. Are there any elective garnishes for the Kulfi Falooda?

A. Gourmet specialist M. Hammad recommends getting inventive with your garnishes. You can try different things with various natural products, and nuts, or even add a sprinkle of chocolate syrup to upgrade the flavors as indicated by your inclination.

Q3. Could I at any point make the Kulfi Falooda early on for a party?

A. Indeed, you can! Cook M. Hammad proposes setting up the Kulfi and Falooda parts ahead of time. Gather the sweet not long before effectively keeping up with the ideal equilibrium between surfaces and flavors. Your visitors will be more than happy with this Lucknow-motivated treat.

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