Kheer Sagar: How to Make this Delicious Recipe at Home


Kheer Sagar many people like to eat sweets after dinner. At the same time, the children are also happy to hear the name of the cold child and the tasty dessert. However when it comes to chilled dessert. So the first name that comes to people’s lips is ice cream in other countries and our countries always say child kheer.

Try Some Different Recipes About Kheer Sagar :

You have tested the Kheer Sagar recipe. The recipe for making Kunda Kheer or Kheer Sagar is quite easy to make. By following my recipe you can try something different in your dessert. I know that people get tired of eating the same thing every day and try something new.

Why Kheer Sagar is Tasty Dish:

The recipe for making Kheer Sagar has been the help of which you can serve your guests and families a super tasty dessert in a few minutes. So let us know the method of making Kheer Sagar for your better experience.

Short Ingredients About Kheer Sagar:

1: To make Kheer Sagar take one teaspoon of oil.

2: Water 1/2 cup

3: Milk 1 liter

4: Soaked rice 1 bowl depending on your family members.

5: Rusk only 2

6: Sugar 1/2 cup

7: Cardamom 2 and grated nuts

8: Nuts you can use your favorite dry fruits like almonds, cashews, pistachios, chironji, and raisins.

Detailed Ingredients About Kheer Sagar:

1: To make Kheer Sagar first heat the pan.

2: Then add oil to it and spread it.

3: Add 1 little of water.

4: Now pour milk into the pan and leave it to boil.

5: On the other hand add soaked rice to the mixer and grinder.

6: Then add rusk, milk powder, and milk and grind it.

7: keep in mind one thing you have to prepare a fine paste of this mixture.

8: After the milk is cooked mix the rice paste in it and cook it on low flame.

9: Also keep steering the milk in between.

10: After this add sugar and cardamom to the mixer grinder and make powder.

Mixing Process to Cooling Down the Kheer Sagar:

Then add it to the milk on Kheer Sagar. Now cook the milk mixture until it thickens and then turn off the gas. Apply some oil to the serving tray and spread the milk mixture. Now sprinkle dry fruits on it. Spread another layer of milk mixture on it again Ganesh it with the remaining dry fruits and keep it in the freezer for half and one hour. After it cools down for a few hours enjoy the delicious recipe Kheer. Now you can serve the Kheer to your favorite person.

Kheer Sagar


Take it, my dear audience and viewers, your recipe Kheer Sagar is ready. Now you can eat it to your heart’s content and feed it to your loved ones too. If you want to eat it fresh, then there is nothing wrong with it, but if you eat it cold, then its taste will be doubled. Yes, while enjoying the food, keep one more important thing in mind. And this is what I keep saying in all my sweet recipes that the amount of sweetness in them can be a little high.

So keep in mind to feed your seniors in small quantities as it is high in sugar as I mentioned earlier. Yes, viewers, I sincerely hope that you will like this recipe as much as my previous recipes. So I am glad that I present such daily recipes for you and that you benefit from them. Try not to limit these recipes to yourself but share them with your friends.

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