Kesari Phirni: How to Make this Sweet Recipe at Home


Kesari Phirni is delicious and the taste is easier to make. Phirni means Kheer made of ground rice to add your favorite dry fruits. Phirni can be made in many flavors and fragrances like Kesari pista phirni, walnut phirni, mango phirni, kaju phirni, rose phirni badam phirni, and coconut phirni.

Demanding Days for Kesari Phirni Recipe:

In a such situation on this happy occasion, something different is prepared in the dessert in every house. If you two are thinking of making some tasty and wonderful desserts on big occasions like Diwali, Eid, and Holi. There is nothing better than kesari phirni the saffron spin of happiness.

Importance of Dry Fruits in Kesari Phirni:

Search for dry fruits in your kitchen if dry fruits are not available then search for fresh fruits if there are no fruits then even by missing the jam of jelly you can make fare in a new taste instantly. So let’s make Casio and pistachios phirni in dry fruits that are very beneficial for health. They contain a good amount of protein which helps you feel full for a longer period. Not only this it will make you feel good after fasting and satisfying sugar cravings.

Why Kesari Phirni Liked All Over Asia:

It is a grade favorite among families and is included in almost every party and function. Kesari Phirni is a tasty dessert made using basmati rice mill sugar and A pinch of Kashmiri saffron. Your children will especially like the desert very much.

Guest’s Favorite Dish:

If you want to show the magic of handmade recipes to your guests. You can usually do this on the occasion of big festivals. In Asia, we have big festivals like Holi Eid and Diwali, etc, or even Christmas. So without wasting any time move on to your recipe and see how quickly and easily you can make it.

Short Ingredients of Kesari Phirni:

1: Basmati rice 1 cup

2: Milk 2 liter

3: Saffron 1 pinch

4: Sugar 100 grams

5: Cashews 2 teaspoon

6: Pistachios 2 teaspoon

7: Rose Water 2 to 3 drops

8: Cardamom powder 1 teaspoon

Detailed Ingredients of Kesari Phirni:

1: Make Kesari Phirni first boil the milk well until it thickens.

2: After the milk thickens add go ceiling ground rise to it and cook on a medium flame for about 8 to 9 minutes.

3: Keep in mind that you have to keep stirring it in between so that it does not burn from below.

4: When it gets cooked after 8 minutes add cardamom powder and sugar to it and cook it well until the sugar dissolves.

5: Add One drop of water stir and turn off the gas.

6: After it cools down for some time take it out in a serving vessel.

7: Add cashews, pistachios, and almonds along with saffron for garnish and serve to your guests.

Let’s See Why Low Flame is Important:

Cook on a low flame the Kesari phirni till the rice gets cooked and the phirni becomes thick. Cook the phirni while stirring for 2 to 3 minutes after this add sugar saffron, pistachios, and cashews.

Benefits of Kesari Phirni:

Saffron is beneficial in bringing a natural Glow to the skin. It can refresh your mood and provide relief from anxiety. Not only is this saffron also beneficial for your heart health, but it is also beneficial for your body.

Kesari Phirni


Hey viewers, your best Kesari Phirni is ready. Now you can enjoy it any way you like, hot or cold. Kesari Phirni is very rich in sweet dishes. You can enjoy it yourself and feed it to your children. Kesari Phirni is mostly made on major festivals like Eid, Holi, and Diwali.

If you want to double the taste of playing, eat it cold. What is the point of eating cold pudding with almonds and pistachios sprinkled over it? But if it is eaten hot and fresh, it is also very beneficial. So stay tuned to my website and I will keep you updated with new recipes, thank you.

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