Keema Pav: Now You Can Make This Mumbai Style Recipe at Home


Keema Pav we are going to talk about such a recipe which is not for vegetarian people. Because in many of our countries, there is a discussion about such food whether it is vegetarian or non-vegetarian. So that’s why I Thought I’d let you know in advance what we’re going to make the recipe for. Keema Pav stands out as a true Mumbai-style dish. This delicious dish encapsulates the soul of the city. Here the aroma of spices mingles with the bustling energy of the streets and is fun.

The Use of Keema Pav All the Day:

Keema Pav or pau bread rolls as they are known were always made fresh using the basic bread recipe. There was something unique about the taste of these paws though. A taste that still lingers for me. My fondest memories are of buying fresh hot pav from the shops in India, which they served with butter. When he applied the butter to the bread, it immediately melted and mixed.

The Importance of Keema Pav in Mumbai Streets:

Now that we have uncovered the secrets of Mumbai’s Keema Pav. I encourage you to try your hand at this recipe. In our city of Mumbai, we are presenting a method of creating flavors and recipes that will surely be easy and beneficial for you. So without wasting time set your mind and get ready with us keema pav etc. So without wasting time set your mind and get ready with us to make the Keema Pav recipe. Once you make it, you can serve it to anyone you want. Be it your family or your friends, they will not be able to live without praising you. You can make this recipe and feed it to others.

The Essence of Keema Pav:

Keema Pav is a minced meat curry. Served with soft buttered buns. It is called a pav. It is a dish that originated in the streets of Mumbai. This beautiful and delicious recipe of ours proves to be a delicious and perfect dish for locals and visitors alike. It doesn’t need any special time to eat it but it usually tastes best at lunchtime.

Ingredients of Keema Pav:

500 grams of minced meat, mutton, or chicken of your choice.

Two medium-sized onions finely chopped

Two medium-sized tomatoes finely chopped

Two tablespoons of cooking oil

Two tablespoons of ginger garlic paste

One tablespoon of red chili powder

A tablespoon of hot spices

1 tablespoon coriander powder

1 teaspoon turmeric powder

Salt to taste

Fresh coriander for garnish

Butter pav buns to serve

Let’s Move on to How to Make Your Recipe: Keema Pav:

1: My dear friends the first thing you need to do is to heat oil in a frying pan. When the oil is hot, add finely chopped onions and cook until golden brown.

2: This time we will add ginger and garlic paste.

3: Now you have to put finely chopped tomatoes in it and cook it with the rest of the ingredients.

4: Friends, we are just about to complete our recipe, now you have to add red chili powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder, and salt. Mix them and cook till the water dries up and the mixture becomes thick.

5: Our main task now is to add the chopped meat to it. This is to cook until all the water is removed from the meat and the meat turns dark brown.

6: Sprinkle the hot spices over it and let it cook on low inch until the meat is tender. And cook until everything tastes the same.

7: Now garnish it by adding fresh coriander.

Serving Keema Pav to your loved ones and friends:

Deep fry the Keema Pav with butter until it turns golden brown. Serve the hot and flavorful keema with buttered feet. Which brings together contrasting textures and flavors and looks and smells great on your plate.

Keema Pav


Viewers present in front of you another famous recipe of Mumbai dishes called Keema Pav. This recipe takes a bit of time and effort to make but it gives you the reward of your hard work in the form of taste. Yes friends, Mumbai’s food is very famous and people eat it from far away. Love to eat. Our dish Keema Pao is one of the most famous dishes in the city. This dish has been prepared and eaten in Mumbai for a long time. So, considering this, I thought why not its recipe? Make it and share it with those who can’t make it at home. Stay connected with us and enjoy the food by making heaps and recipes.

The recipe’s delicious aroma accentuates the delicious taste and spicy memories this way too. When you find yourself in the bustling streets of Mumbai, you will feel the aroma of Keema Pav. Which will lead to adventures you won’t soon forget. I hope you will like this recipe as much as the previous recipes. I will continue to present the best recipes for you daily. And you keep coming and enjoying it. Likewise, keep visiting my website Famous Indian Food. Which is an example of a perfect recipe.

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