Kalakand Barfi: How to Make this Marvelous Recipe at Home


Kalakand Barfi is soft and fudge in texture but filled with the goodness and creaminess of sugar and milk. The milk is topped with chopped dry fruits. It is prepared especially during the festivals of Diwali and Ganesh Chaturthi and serves as Prasad.

The Second Name of Kalakand Barfi is an Indian Milk Cake:

Milk-based Sweet dishes are very common in India. Generally, it is made with paneer or chhena but it can be extended to other types of sweets as well. One such simple and easy milk sweet recipe is kalakand Barfi also known as Indian milk cake.

Difference Between Kalakand Barfi, Milk Cake, and Rasgulla :

China-based rasgulla and rasmalai are extremely popular. Milk cake or Kalakand Barfi recipe is not as popular as rasgulla, it gets a lot of queries during the Diwali festival season.

Kalakand is full of Multiple Nutrients:

This includes some basic tips and tricks while handling milk solids or chhena that help in ultimately getting a moist and creamy dessert. Initially, I thought of expanding this recipe by adding dates and raisins to the milk solids and termed it dry fruit kalakand Barfi.

The Cooking Process of Kalakand Barfi:

There are different types of making Kalakand Barfi. In the authentic method, you can use paneer or condensed milk for proper consistency to speed up the cooking process. Second the cooking and preparation process of this dessert takes only 30 minutes.

Add Some Additional Flavors in Kalakand:

If you want to add additional flavours to kalakand Barfi like saffron, Honey, or even chocolate you can add it once the milk has evaporated. I prefer the original version and hence I have shown this important version.

Ingredients of Kalakand Barfi or Indian Milk Cake:

1: First, take 2 liters of milk in a large vessel and let it boil.

2: When the milk boils add two tablespoons vinegar and mix well.

3: Add vinegar until the milk curdles.

4: Filter the milk and wash it with water. Washing with water removes sourness.

5: Now squeeze out the water and transfer it to a plate.

6: Mash the Paneer to a smooth texture aside.

7: In a large sous pan boil 1 litre of milk.

8: Stir and bring to a boil.

9: new boiling until the milk reduces to half.

10: Add 3/4 teaspoon cardamom powder and mix it well.

11: Now transfer the mixture to the tray and level it on top.

12: Add chopped nuts on top and press gently.

13: Let rest for 8 hours or until it sets completely.

14: It takes time to make so you have to be patient.

15: Cut it into pieces and ready to serve and enjoy.

16: Finally, the Kalakand Barfi recipe is ready with chopped nuts for a week you can also store this recipe in the refrigerator for one week.

Kalakand Barfi


Take your favorite and delicious recipe KalaKand Barfi is ready Now you can eat it to your heart’s content, yes, and another important thing is that you can feed it carefully to diabetic patients and keep them away from them because the amount of sweetness in it is a little high, that’s why.

It’s good if it doesn’t cause trouble for them. So I hope you and your kids will love this recipe very much because it tastes so good that once it hits your tongue, you want to eat more and more. You should try it at home once because it is easy to make a delicious meal and prepare something nice for your family. Finally, I would like to say one important thing to all your friends who prepare recipes. Do not allow your children to come into the kitchen while cooking.

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