Kakori Kebab Recipe: Lucknow Special With Home-Made Taste


Kakori Kebab Recipe We are going to explore the rich and flavorful world of Lucknow’s cultural heritage. And going to start the journey of this matter. Our talk and our focus is on something that belongs directly to the hearts of the people of Lucknow. Delicious Kakori Kebab is famous for its aroma, taste, and soft texture. There are four moons to the recipe. Here we are going to talk about how to make it at home.

How Can You Make Kakori Kebab Recipe More Juicy and Soft

For chicken kebab dears I should say that. Sheep is a delight. Conceivably the best dish you can make with it is the delicious Sheep Kakori Kebab. With the help of Sheep Kakori Kebab, you can in like manner set up an extraordinary dish with its recipe. Expecting you to follow this basic Sheep Kebab recipe. I guarantee you that you will win in this. it will, without a doubt, I trust show sensitivity and deliciousness. Before we go into the authentic recipe. We were examining cucumber kebabs.

Here are the ingredients ofKakorii Kebab Recipe:

500 grams of finely chopped mutton.

Two tablespoons of raw papaya paste, which will tenderize the meat.

A tablespoon of ginger and garlic paste.

A teaspoon of hot spices.

One teaspoon of roasted gram flour gram flour.

Add a teaspoon of black pepper powder.

1 teaspoon of cardamom powder.

½ cup of fried onions should be crispy brown.

Salt to taste.

Skewers for grinding.

½  cups of yogurt.

Two tablespoons of cream.

A tablespoon of cashew paste.

One tablespoon of melon seed paste.

A pinch of saffron strip which should be soaked in warm milk.

Ghee or butter for basting.

How to make Kakori Kebab Recipe:

1: First the meat mixture has to be prepared. For this process, in a large mixing bowl, mix the roasted mutton, ginger garlic paste, garam masala, papaya paste, besan, black pepper powder, cardamom powder, fried onions, and salt well.

2: Marinating your recipe mixture. Now all you have to do is add curd, cream, cashew paste, melon seed paste, and milk mixed with saffron in a separate bowl. Pour over this rich marinated meat mixture. Take special care that everything is Let it marinate for at least five to six hours. So that the flavors blend in the same way and the meat becomes tender.

3: Securing and grilling the mixture. Preheat your grill or oven. Thread the marinated meat onto the skewers. Arrange them in a long kebab shape. Grill them until they turn a nice golden brown color. For that extra goodness, brush it with ghee from time to time.

4: Grind your recipe and enjoy it afterward. Garnish the kakori kebab recipe with fresh coriander lime juice or mint leaves. Serve the babs hot with naan or roti or paratha with mint chutney.

Some important and additional tips regarding the recipe:

Meat Consistency For the perfect kakori recipe, make sure the minced mutton is finely ground. So that there is no need to chew the mince in the mouth. Marinating Process The longer you marinate, the more flavorful and tender your kebabs will be. Complete the marination process overnight for an authentic flavor. Keep a close eye on the grilling technique. Make sure to cook evenly so that it is not overcooked in one place and raw in another. Rotate the skewers regularly and brush ghee or oil over it. You can do this very easily for that irresistible aroma and taste.

Kakori Kebab Recipe


Viewers share our dish with Kakorii Kebab Recipe which is irresistible and bursting with flavors. A delicious Kakori kebab that honors Lucknow’s culinary treasures with all its heart. Enhance the experience and awaken your inner chef. Stay connected with its intricate blend of spices and subtleties. So that they can fully support you on a special occasion. Gather your pride and get your grills out of the corner of the kitchen.

Usually, the pleasure of making kebabs at night with your loved ones is something different. And it has become very much a trend nowadays that wherever friends or relatives are together, the first thing that comes to their mind regarding food and drink is kebab or tikka boti. So don’t stay behind them and keep this taste in your hands. You can contact us for any problem or additional information. You will find that we will respond to you immediately. See you with my next recipe which I think is currently coming from the streets of Lucknow. Until then, make these previous recipes and enjoy them with your family.


Q1: Who is the chef behind this Kakori Kebab recipe?

A1: The culinary maestro behind this Kakori Kebab recipe is Chef M. Hammad, bringing the authentic flavors of Lucknow’s culinary heritage to your kitchen.

Q2: Can I substitute mutton with another meat for the Kakori Kebab?

A2: Usually, mutton is prepared for making cucumber kebab but it is not mandatory, you can also use chicken or beef to make kebab. Just keep in mind that the mince should be well-made.

Q3: What’s the significance of the papaya paste in the recipe?

A3: The papaya paste acts as a natural meat tenderizer, ensuring the Kakori Kebab is exceptionally tender. It’s a crucial element to achieve the melt-in-the-mouth texture that defines this Lucknawi delicacy.


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