Huevos Divorciados Recipe: A Classic Dish With a Unique Name


Huevos Divorciados Recipe Our viewers, as you may have guessed from the name, what kind of journey we are about to embark on today. Our journey will certainly look the same every day, but rest assured. Also, things are not the same. That is, the things or recipes we have presented before are not described again in the same way.

So do not worry about our words at all but with full hope and joy in our journey. Support us. It is not only our benefit but more benefits are hidden for you people. Because we already have this skill. The car is essential to them. We have now turned to Mexican dishes again. And we are sure that you will also support us. So what are you waiting for, prepare yourself, and Let’s move on to the recipe for making a delicious meal.

Learn About the Main Ingredients Used in the Huevos Divorciados Recipe:

First, we have to take two or four eggs.

They were followed by four corn tortillas.

One cup of cooked black beans.

A cup of salsa that should be red.

An avocado is cut into small pieces.

One cup of queso fresco that should be crumbled.

Salt and pepper to taste.

Fresh chilies for garnish.

Mustard oil or vegetable oil for frying.

Learn the Step-By-Step Procedure for Making Huevos Divorciados Recipe:

1: The first thing you need to do is to heat the tortillas in a medium-inch pan. Cook them by rotating them on all sides so that no part is left raw. When they are cooked, drain them on a clean cloth or Wrap them in a handkerchief.

2: Next you have to heat the black beans, for this, put your cooked black beans in a small saucepan on a light inch. When it is on the stove, put a pinch of salt and black pepper in it, then when you move on to the other ingredients, let them simmer.

3: This time it is the turn of our eggs. Heat one tablespoon of vegetable oil in a pan, i.e. mustard oil. Leave some space. Keep an eye on the same occasion when the egg white is cooked but its yolk should be a little raw, then consider it ready.

4: You must have heard the name Salsa, now what you have to do is to heat the salsa fast and the salsa verde in two separate saucepans. Let it be warm.

5: Dear friends, to assemble your recipe, put two hot tortillas on a plate. Put hot black beans in one egg and put salt in the other egg. There should be a clear difference between the two. It will look more pleasant and beautiful.

6: Our last step is to decorate our recipe and serve it to our favorite people. For this, we need to garnish our recipe with sliced avocado, crumbled queso fresco, and chopped red pepper. One last thing. Take care that you have to serve it hot and do not let it get cold because it will lose its taste when it gets cold.

Huevos Divorciados Recipe


Our dear viewers, as you have seen we have opened another delicious recipe in front of you while in USA and Mexico. And now it is up to you to take advantage of this delicious recipe. So you have done your duty perfectly and now all you have to do is adopt our method and add some extra knowledge and information to your life which should be in terms of our kitchen. You see that we Daily something or the other is being presented to you separately.

All this hard work is being done only for your happiness and satisfaction. Wrong, because even a small child can see that if I learn this method, I will increase my knowledge and not the writer’s. So add some extra dishes to your feasts invite your old guests And surprise Azizo with such delicious recipes. If we have any friends or viewers who have been following us since the beginning, they must have realized the quality and methodology of the recipes. 

How much better? So for now we will stay inside Europe and bring you lots of delicious recipes. With that our recipe ends and see you with our next recipe. Until then. So take care of yourself and your family too. Finally, I want to say one important and beneficial thing that while working in the kitchen, especially when heating oil, etc., keep your children away from the kitchen.


Q1: Where was the Huevos Divorciados recipe invented?

Friends, this recipe is usually invented by Mexican USA. This recipe is made and eaten a lot in Mexico street food. But now its craze has spread to many other countries. Due to this even a common man can make use of it, which is a very good thing.

Q2: Is it necessary to use eggs in this recipe?

Yes, it is very important to use eggs in this recipe. Because you can say that the glory and life of this recipe lies in the eggs. Eggs will look beautiful in this dish. So you will think so even if you don’t skip the eggs in this recipe.

Q3: How long does it take to make this recipe?

Viewers Huevos Divorciados Recipe usually takes only 30 to 40 minutes to make. So if you don’t have any charge and have gone to the market or a mart to get it, then obviously it’s up to you. It will take extra time.

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