Ghughra Recipe: The Sweet and Crispy Dish Make Your Home


Ghughra recipe is very important for us. And now we are going to discuss how to make this dish at home. Yes as some of my earlier recipes were from Gujarat. This dish is also related to our Gujarat. Because in general terms, the Spring of Flavors is found in Gujarat. Yes friends here we are going to discover the rich and delicious discovery of Ghughra Recipe. And starting the journey to prepare this delicious dish. This beloved Gujarati Shah is known for its delightful taste and complex texture. It does a great job of enticing the taste buds.

What is the Difference Between Ghughra and Gojia

Ghughra Recipe is a well-known Gujarati sweet during the celebration of Diwali. A pan-fried sweet dumpling arranged by blending crude coconut and dried majas. Ghogra recipe in India is otherwise called Gojiya or Karanji in various states. Ghughra Recipe is made with various fixings. Each filling has its motivation and minority. In this recipe, we will separate Gujarati-style Gojia or Ghogra into scaled-down or reduced-down structures.

How Can You Enjoy the Perfect Taste of Ghughra Recipe

Ghughra Recipe is also known as Gojia in some regions. A tradition used as a Gujarati breakfast. Which is going on from generation to generation. This delicious treat is often prepared during festive events and family gatherings. But I’ll teach you how to make it without any big fanfare. Which is considered a symbol of warmth and unity in Gujarati households.

Ghughra Recipe Ingredients

For the dough, you will need the ingredients.

Two cups of flour.

¼  cups of semolina.

Four tablespoons of ghee.

A pinch of salt.

One cup shredded coconut.

½  cups of crushed nuts i.e. sweet fruits that include almonds, pistachios, walnuts, raisins, etc.

½ teaspoon of cardamom powder.

And take some raisins.

Hey friends now let’s see how to make our dish Ghughra Recipe

1: First of all you have to take the flour in a mixing bowl to prepare the dough. Add semolina ghee and a pinch of salt to it. Add it slowly with water and knead the mixture into a soft elastic dough. Cover the dough with a clean cloth. Keep aside for 35 minutes.

2: To complete this step, you have to prepare its filling. To complete this process, mix grated coconut cardamom powder raisins and jaggery well in a bowl. Take special care to incorporate the jaggery well so that the sweet and tart fruit is filled.

3: Divide the dough into small but equal-sized balls. Roll each ball into a thin gold disc. Place a spoonful of the filling in the center of the disc and seal the edges with your fingers. Finally, what is characteristic of our gogra recipe is to mold it into a moon shape.

4: Now our final step in which we will fry our recipe. For deep frying, heat oil in a pan well. Carefully drop the stuffed balls into the hot oil. Cook it until you feel it is golden brown. That is, you have to consider that it should not be burnt or raw.

Ghughra Recipe


Viewers like you have seen another recipe of ours which is from Gujarat. Which we commonly call Ghughra Recipe or Gojia. This recipe is very easy to make, if you teach it to your child, he will make it himself in no time. You make it at your home, feed and entertain your loved ones. You have a plate full of snails. Which is ready right in front of you to give you a taste.

Its crispy outer layer combines with the earthy and nutty filling to create a unique flavor creation. It will leave you wanting more. Make your friends and family taste it too so that they also know the taste of your hand. With that, I’ll ask your permission now and see you with my next recipe. If you have any questions, so contact me. I will try my best to reply to you. Take care of yourself, and your family. Keep safe eating and drinking.

FAQs About this Ghughra Recipe:

Innovative psyche behind this wonderful Ghughra recipe. Enthusiastically for conventional Gujarati food, Gourmet specialist Hammad carries a bit of skill to each dish.

Q2: Might I at any point modify the filling in the Ghughra to suit my taste inclinations?

A: Culinary expert M. Hammad empowers culinary imagination. Go ahead and try different things with the filling, adding your number one nuts, flavors, or even a sprinkle of your contort to make this Ghughra recipe extraordinarily yours.

Q3: What amount of time does it require to get ready and cook Ghughra utilizing Culinary specialist M. Hammad’s recipe?

A: The readiness and cooking time for Ghughra can differ, however overall, it requires around 30 minutes for the batter to rest and extra time for collecting and searing. With Culinary specialist Hammad’s unmistakable directions, you’ll have these tasty treats prepared to appreciate.

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