Gavvalu Recipe: How to Make this Dish at Home


Gavvalu is one of the seafood recipes. Despite the presence of diverse cultures, the entire country is United. Everyone is the dish of any state with great enthusiasm. It is often seen in our country. There were today we have brought you a special recipe for making gavvalu the traditional sweet of Andhra Pradesh. So let us know the recipe for sweet gavvalu.

Types of Gavvalu Recipes:

There are many variations of gavvalu such as sugar gavalu and belam gavvalu. Its spicy version is known as Karam gavalu. Which are prepared from sugar and jaggery syrup. The name Gavalu refers to its appearance which resembles the shells of warrior species of cowry snails in sea foods.

Ingredients of Gavvalu:

1: 2 cups of flour

2: 2 tablespoon of oil

3: Sugar 1 cup

4: Water as Needed

5: Pistachios 1 tablespoon finely chopped

Let’s See About the Recipe of Gavvalu:

1: Add flour, oil, salt, and water in a bowl mix it well, and knead the dough.

2: Keep in mind that the dough is neither too solid nor too soft.

3: Break 4 balls of kneaded dough and make shell shapes on them by pressing with the back side of the fork.

4: Now heat oil in a pan on low flame.

5: Soon as the oil is hot put the shells in the pan and deep fry until they turn golden brown.

6: Switch off the flame and take out the fried shells on a plate.

7: Add sugar and 2 cups of water in a deep bottom pan and keep it to boil.

8: When one thread of syrup is ready turn off the flame and keep the fried shells in it thoroughly.

9: To know whether a string of syrup has been formed or not check it with your finger and thumb if a string is formed, the syrup is ready.

10: When the syrup completely coats the gavalu take them out on a plate.

11: Sprinkle statues on these and feed them to everyone and your guests.

What is Belam Gavvalu:

A few pieces of belam gavvalu as a dessert after meals can help in digestion as it has the properties of jaggery. Kidyo is one such sweet that is popularly prepared for Christmas in Goa, Mangalore, and parts of Maharashtra all over India.

Gnocchi board or Gavvalu Mold:

In the recipe jaggery contains 0% fat and is it a deal to be used as a substitute for sugar? Most Indian sweets are traditionally prepared with jaggery. This gavalu gnocchi looks similar in shape to an Italian dumpling and is prepared by rolling out the dough on a stripped wooden board known as a gnocchi board or gavvalu mold.



Let’s watch today’s seafood dish Gavvalu Recipe Ready. Now you can enjoy it and feed it to your loved ones. You can also serve it to your guests as an additional dish with the meal. Yes, now you can eat it with four. This dish of today’s recipe was quite a change from the previous dishes. We used a little ghee along with flour and a little water with sugar in our recipe. And it is very surprising to see and eat it as it looks sweet and tastes a little salty.

So I sincerely hope that you will like my recipe as much as the previous recipes. Similarly, stay on my website Famous Indian Food, and see these recipes of the best of the best and learn new methods daily. It is a pure food recipe method. See you with your next recipe until then take care and take care of your family.

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