Galouti Kebab Recipe: How To Make Juicy and Tender Dish


Galouti Kebab Recipe Yes viewers you heard the name exactly right we are going to discuss this. We are going to present a dish for Lucknow, the city of Nawabs. And in our journey of this delicious and juicy dish. Join us now to get the most out of it. Together, let’s uncover the secrets of the Galouti Kebab Recipe and know what is behind its spicy tenderness.

This dish has been around for centuries. Mostly used by non-veg people. We mostly provide information about non-veg recipes. But don’t think that we don’t offer vegetarian recipes. We start our journey keeping both things in mind. So that you can reach your destination.

Some Important and More Information about the Galouti Kebab Recipe:

The Gaouti Kebab recipe is one of the popular dishes of Lucknow. It is generally made utilizing lamb. Goat meat is minced meat blended in with flavors and rose separate blended in with water and numerous different things. Crude papaya glue can likewise be added to the Galouti Kebab. The course of papaya has the advantage of mellowing the meat, which our older individuals can likewise appreciate.

See the Ingredients of the Galouti Kebab Recipe:

First of all, take half a kg or 500 grams of finely minced goat meat.

A cup of raw papaya paste to it.

One tablespoon of ginger paste.

A teaspoon of hot spices.

A teaspoon of ground spices including cumin and coriander.

½ cup of thinly sliced onion.

A large four-cup besan i.e. gram flour.

½  cup of curd.

Salt to taste.

Ghee or oil for frying.

Finally, some coriander to garnish and mint to add fragrance.

Check Out the Step-By-Step Process of Making Galouti Kebab Recipe:

First of all, our marination process begins, for which you make a mince in a large mixing bowl, add raw papaya paste, then add ginger and garlic paste, red chili powder, hot spices, ground spices, and fried onions. Mix the basin hang curd and salt well.

Take special care to mix the meat with the spices well so that the flavor reaches every particle of the mince. Now keep this mixture for at least two and a half hours. Refrigerate or store in a cool place for up to 24 hours.

See the Cooking Process of the Galouti Kebab Recipe:

1: First heat ghee or oil in a pan on medium inch. Now take a small portion of the mixture of the marinated meat that you have kept.

2: Now for frying, dip the kebabs well in oil from both sides. And fry them until they develop a deep brown color. And after they are cooked, lightly pat them on top. I believe this and no one else will tell you this. By pressing, the water inside the mincemeat will come out. Is.

3: Our third step is to take out the kebabs and place them on paper or tissue paper. The purpose of this process is to absorb the oil inside so that no more oil can bother you to eat.

4: Our fourth and final step is to present our recipe. When the kebabs are ready, place them on a plate and top with fresh coriander and mint. Or coriander chutney ketchup or mint chutney or curd chutney made with black peppers.

Galouti Kebab Recipe


My dear viewers, you see we are currently roaming the streets of Lucknow, but serving the best of the best. The reason we are working so hard is just to make you happy by staying in your home. We want you to Stay away from outside dirt and dusting. Enjoy the aroma of dishes from every place and enjoy it at your home. Viewers we have presented the Galouti Kebab Recipe. Our recipe is included in non-veg.

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Q1: Does the meat have to be goat and sheep only?

By the way, only sheep and goat meat will give pleasure. But you can also use chicken, there is no problem with it.

Q2: Is it necessary to marinate the meat overnight?

It is not necessary to marinate the meat overnight, but the samples must be well absorbed into the meat.

Q3: What can we serve our Glotti Kebab recipe with?

You can eat your favorite gluti kebab recipe with naan or roti.

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