Elote Dip Recipe: Learn the Oral History of a Strange Dish


Elote Dip Recipe Welcome to our recipe journey on our platform. You must have known from the title that we are going to talk about a dish whose name is quite strange but It is very delicious to eat. And we also want you to learn this recipe, keep it in your mind, and try it. That’s why we decided to present this dish to you.

We want you to come along with us. This dish is usually associated with our Mexican recipes. So, without any hesitation, join us on the journey and see what ingredients are used in it. And how do we get it from order to finish? It is usually made with a combination of many examples and creamy cheese ingredients. Will be willing to make it.

Learn How to Make Elote Dip Recipe:

First, you have to take four cups of corn kernels which should be fresh and frozen.

Then you have to take one tablespoon of olive oil which we call vegetable oil.

One should take two cups of mayonnaise.

½ cup of any cream.

Take a large two cups of grated cottage cheese.

4 large cups of chopped fresh red chilies.

A jalapeño pepper that should be seedless and chopped.

Take a big piece of garlic.

One teaspoon of chili powder.

½  teaspoons of paprika.

Get a big fresh lemon.

Add salt and black pepper to taste.

As the last ingredient, tar tela chips are to be taken for serving.

Now Let’s See How to Make Elote Dip Recipe in Order:

1: Dear Viewers first thing you need to do is take your olive oil and heat it in a frying pan on medium inch. Then add the corn kernels keep stirring and cook till then. That is until it turns dark brown. It may take 9 to 11 minutes to cook normally.

2: This time we have to make a creamy base so in a big mixing bowl we mix our mayonnaise any kind of cream katija cheese chopped red chilies with green leaves black pepper garlic chili powder pepper lemon etc. and mix well. Mix it well and keep stirring until it turns into a thick creamy base.

3: This time to combine the corn and the creamy mixture, add the cooled corn kernels to a mixing bowl. After adding, mix them well with the mixture so that it is evenly combined.

4: Add salt and pepper according to your taste and season and adjust the spices according to your preference.

5: Our last task is to make our dish beautiful and serve it. For this, if you want, you can spice it up by adding extra grated paneer and red chilies, that is, you can make the dish more spicy. Finally, dipping. Add the tortilla chips and serve it hot to your loved ones after adding it. With that your recipe is complete and now it’s time to enjoy this sale.

Elote Dip Recipe


Dear friends, as you have seen, we have again presented a great Mexican recipe. It is a recipe whose name sounds strange, but it is very tasty to eat and it is very tasty. The name Elote Dip Recipe is famous all over Mexico. So thank you so much for joining us on this journey. Check it out.

Enjoy this great smoky and flavorful recipe and let your loved ones enjoy it too. Remember that you should not limit this recipe to yourself but also share it with your loved ones. And don’t think that we will benefit from it but someone else will. So make the most of it and serve the dish to your loved ones as a perfect breakfast or lunch.


Q1: Can we increase the amount of tortilla chips in the Elote Dip Recipe?

You can increase the amount of tortilla chips in it and also adjust the amount of other ingredients according to your taste. So if you feel that it is lacking in green chilies, black pepper, or salt, then add it. Add more and make your dish even better.

Q2: Can we increase the amount of mayonnaise in the Elote Dip Recipe?

Yes of course you can add any standard mayonnaise to it. If you find that you like mayonnaise too much, add more.

Q3: Can we use any extras with this to serve at the end?

Yes, consider one thing if your guests need any extras like roti naan or chutney then definitely serve it along with it.

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