Doodh Pak Recipe: See the Tricks to Make at-Home Dish


Doodh Pak Recipe and this starts the food journey of Gujarat. Where we will uncover the secrets of a heavenly dessert by drinking milk and know what is the secret behind its taste. It is a flavor that has been tantalizing the taste buds for generations. This traditional sweet perfectly describes the sweetness of Gujarat. Which is full of milk and aromatic ingredients. It contains the best distinction of simplicity and pleasure. Come on this journey with me and see how it’s made. Embrace the essence of preparing this delicious feast from the comfort of your kitchen.

Preparing Time of Making Doodh Pak Recipe

Doodh Pak Recipe is a conventional Gujarati sweet dish. It is arranged blended in with milk and rice. At the point when the blend is ready with cardamom nutmeg powder and dry nutmeg, it is gradually bubbled to thicken. So this recipe contains some dense milk and there is a compelling reason to add powder. Assuming your milk is dainty, go ahead and add canned market milk to it. Which quickly transforms it into a smooth and thick combination. This strategy saves our time and along these lines, a couple of liters of without dairy recipes are ready in 10 to 15 minutes.

What is the Difference Between Doodh Pak and Kheer

Dudhpak recipe is a traditional Gujarati sweet while kheer is the essence of a Hindi word. Both of them look and taste almost similar but the names are different. Which describes the rice pudding found in both of them. This which is found all over India is called doodh pak. What makes Gujarati Doodh Pak Recipe different from Kheer is the quantity of rice. A lot of rice is usually used in puddings. This makes the pudding much more creamy and creamy. But it is the opposite in terms of dairy-free rice. That is, the amount of rice in it is a little less. Which causes them to have a slight change in flavor and a change in the mixture.

Ingredients for Doodh Pak Recipe

Milk Take one liter or two liters depending on the size of your family.

If it is one liter of milk then one cup of sugar and if it is two liters then two cups.

One to two cups of fragrant basmati rice.

A pinch of saffron beans.

4 cups finely chopped almonds, pistachios, walnuts, etc.

And you can add raisins and nuts along with these dry fruits.

One to two teaspoons of fragrant cardamom powder.

Ghee for greasing.

How To Cook Doodh Pak Recipe

1: Wash basmati rice well and soak it in water for about 30 to 35 minutes. In this way, the rice grains can absorb the moisture.

2: In a strong-bottomed pan, start boiling the full-fat milk gently. This fermentation process is very important to achieve the desired creamy texture.

3: Take out the soaked rice and mix it gently with fully bubbling milk. Stir it constantly to prevent any unwanted lumps or burns from forming.

4: Reduce the heat to a simmer and let the rice sit in the milk. You will see that the mixture will gradually thicken over time. and will change into a permanent form.

5: Add the sugar to the mix as soon as the Doodh Pak Recipe magic opens. Stir it gently until the sweet crystals are completely incorporated. Mix the meter with a delicious dessert.

6: Grind the saffron strands with your palm into small pieces. This saffron will enhance the introduction of a strong golden color and a wonderful aroma in pure milk.

7: Sprinkle cardamom powder inside it. Enhancing the dish with its distinctive warm notes that elevate the overall flavors.

  8: When the recipe reaches the peak of creaminess after drinking milk, add finely chopped dry fruits to it. Save a handful for finishing.

9: Generously grease the serving dish with ghee to set the stage for our culinary masterpiece. When it’s time to savor the sweet outcome, we make sure to release more.

10: And transfer the velvety pak milk to the waiting dish while watching the last step of the recipe. Garnish with remaining nuts. Place it in the refrigerator for a few hours to cool beautifully on low before taking its final form.

Doodh Pak Recipe


Viewers are another Gujarati but not salted mate The Doodh Pak Recipe is ready. Eat it generously and feed it to your family and relatives. You can open your heart and start your journey to check its sweetness. This harmonious blend of milky rice and aromatic flavors is not just a dessert. This is a great opportunity for flavor and tradition. Which can be enjoyed and eaten to the fullest. Awaken the joy of cooking. And stay tuned with me on how to make new dishes daily. I’ll keep bringing you tons of recipe recipes and go see and make your feet happy.


Q1. What’s Doodh Pak?

A: Dudh Pa Ke is a deliciously creamy and powerful drink from Asia. It is usually made with rice milk and lots of sugar. If you add cardamom and nuts to it, it will be delicious. You can usually make it in your home and also on the occasion of big festivals

Q2. How do I make Doodh Pak at home?

A: Doodh Pak, gather milk, rice, sugar, cardamom, and nuts. Follow Chef M. Hammad’s recipe: boil milk with rice until thick, sweeten it with sugar, add cardamom for aroma, and garnish with nuts.

Q3. Can I tweak the Doodh Pak recipe to my liking?

A: Feel free to adjust sugar levels. try different nuts, or add unique flavors like saffron or rose water. Chef M. Hammad’s recipe is flexible. so make it your own.

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