Desi Burger: One of the Common But Such Delicious Meal


Desi Burger is usually a trendy dish. Burgers are almost universally popular all over the world. And it continues to grow in our coming age. Its importance is very high because its taste is not on our tongue. Our night feels incomplete. Yes, in today’s recipe, we are talking about desi burgers which more burger recipes will be added. Here we are going to tell you how to make burgers at home. Which will prove to be very beneficial and the best dinner for you.

We Will Discuss Their Types First Desi Burgers

How many types are they found in? By the way, usually, there are only three to four types of burgers in our area. Among them, the first is the plain burger, then the egg burger, then the chicken burger, and the most delicious one is the Zinger burger. These are the types of burgers I have listed in the exact order that are found everywhere in the same form.

Ingredients for Making Simple Desi Burgers at Home

1: A large hot black pan.

2: Oil or ghee for frying.

3: Long buns for Desi Burgers and round buns for Zinger Burgers.

4: Mayonnaise and ketchup.

5: Vegetables include cabbage, onions, tomatoes, and green chilies if you like to eat tikka.

6: The most important item is Shami ie tikkis with lentils.

7: One egg for an egg burger.

8: For the Zinger burger, which will be made in a round bun, one piece of 250 million grams of chicken.

9: The fourth type of desi burger is the chicken burger. For this, you should have small pieces of chicken i.e. chicken mince which should be fried.

How to Make Recipes for Different Types of Desi Burger

To make desi burgers at home you must first have a tawa.

Apply a little oil or oil on the pan and heat it.

Once the tawa is hot, lightly fry the burger bun from the inside.

Look for the bun to get a little crispy on the inside, then remove it.

Keep the desi burger bun down from the pan and start putting the ingredients inside it.

If you like mayonnaise, put a spoonful of mayonnaise on top.

Put cabbage leaves inside it.

Then if you like onions, add them and add tomatoes too.

The most important thing in it is the shami tikkis. which are made of dal, now place one tikki on top of one bun on top of the other.

Now add ketchup on top if you like close the bun and fry well on both sides.

Enjoy it with ketchup or serve it to your guests with green coriander and green chili chutney.

How to Make Egg and Chicken Desi Burger

As I told you above, everything has to be arranged by you. Just if you want a burger with an egg, fry an egg inside it and put it in the shape of the burger. And if you like chicken inside the burger, you can replace the egg with chicken and increase the amount of mayonnaise in it. Because mayonnaise and chicken taste a little different. The advantage of chicken and egg burgers is that they are high in protein. Which energizes our desires as well as our bodies.

Let’s Talk About Our Last and Main Desi Burger Which is Zinger Burger.

Among the types of desi burgers, the Zinger burger is quite important. Zingerburger is the name of this dish which is very much loved by today’s generation. The procedure for making it is also the same but there is a difference. Which changes our entire burger test. It is a piece of chicken that is neither over-fried nor raw. Yes friends, if we talk about the shape of this burger, its shape is not long but round. Because you have to add chicken pieces inside it, the chicken pieces inside the long burger will present some strange shape. So that’s why the Zinger burger is made in a round bun.

The Cooking Time

The flavor of the Zinger Burger is different or even tastier than the other two or three burgers. People like it mostly for dinner. Especially it likes children very much. But how good it sounds to hear that now you will make it yourself at home and feed it to your children. It doesn’t require a lot of effort to make, nor is there a rocket science reaction behind it. To make it, you need to fry the chicken for 20 minutes. And 15 to 20 minutes will be spent filling up the rest. This means that your awesome mail will be ready in about 35 to 40 minutes.

Desi Burger


This concludes our recipe which was a Desi Burger recipe. Our recipe was quite tasty and quick to make. This recipe trend is very common in our street foods. Talking about burgers, many different types of burgers come before us. But here in Asia, we have only three to four types of burgers. Or maybe even more. So as far as we talk about Desi Burger, you can enjoy it by making it yourself. Prepare it at home and feed it to your family members and children.

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