Bulgogi Fried Rice: A Wonderful Meal Awaits You


Bulgogi Fried Rice is an excellent dish and we welcome you to our journey with this dish. Friends, this recipe of ours is related to very important rice. Rice world. It is the second major grain eaten in India. So we thought why not prepare this condition on top of it and share with your friends an excellent recipe for it? So we made Bulgogi Fried. Rice is intended to prepare the dish and we want you to fully support us in this.

Let’s see how it can be prepared and enjoy the best dish. is also from Korean food and is very popular in Europe too. So we have embarked on a journey to bring this best and crowd-pleasing recipe to your kitchen for sure. We want you to be ours too. Give it your full support and see what honors it uses and how it can be brought to completion in an orderly manner.

Ingredients Required to Make Bulgogi Fried Rice:

First, we will put two cups of cooked rice in it and the rice should be big.

Then followed by a cup of bulgogi finely chopped and well-marinated meat.

A tablespoon of olive oil, also known as vegetable oil.

1 / 2  cup of grated carrot.

½ cup of chopped chilies.

½ cup frozen onion

Three cloves should be chopped.

Two large onions chopped.

2 tablespoons of soy sauce.

One tablespoon of sesame oil.

A teaspoon of sugar.

Add salt and black pepper.

Finally a fresh boiled egg for topping.

Here’s How to Finish Bulgogi Fried Rice:

1: Friends, first of all, you should collect all the ingredients that we have told you. Before cooking, check that all the ingredients are completely available to you. Special care of this.

2: Then what you have to do is place a pan on the middle inch of the stove and add mustard oil to it. Heat the oil for about two or three minutes until it becomes very hot.

3: Next comes our ingredients, once the oil is hot, add the garlic and keep stirring to prevent it from burning. Cook it until the garlic is soft. Do not become more fragrant.

4: Now is the time to cook the vegetables, put the chopped carrots, chilies, etc. in the same frying pan and cook them well for two to three minutes. See that when they start to soften a little and do not burn, then add them. Keep shaking along.

5: Now it’s Time to Add the Meat:

This time we will push the vegetables to one side of the kadhai and keep our meat pieces on the other side to cook. Cook the bul gogi well for four to five minutes. It should be cooked and kept stirring. It should be cooked till the water in it dries up completely and it turns dark brown.

6: Then we have one ingredient that we have to add and that is the frozen peas. Add them cook them well and make sure they are evenly distributed in the skillet.

7: Now add the cooked rice to the same pan and take a big spoon. Now stir the rice so that the rice is on the bottom and the bulgogi meat is on the top.

8: After completing the process, on top of the rice, now we have to add soy sauce, sesame oil, and sugar. Mix everything well. Do not mix evenly.

9: Cook the fried rice for another four to five minutes on low and keep stirring until the rice is heated through. One important thing you guys need to remember is to let the rice burn a little on the bottom. It means that it has to let the rice get crispy from the bottom.

10: Check if anything is missing in the rice then add it. Otherwise, our Bulgogi Fried Rice is done and ready according to the calculation we have followed the order. You can now take it to feed your loved ones. Remember to serve it hot so that it does not lose its flavor when cooled.

Bulgogi Fried Rice


Viewers we have prepared and presented to you another excellent dish called Bulgogi Fried Rice which is popular in Korean food and European food. So we thought why not present it to our dear viewers? Go and give them a chance to enjoy it too. Make it at your home. Learn it from here and enjoy Korean food at home.

The recipe for making it is a little similar to making ordinary rice or biryani. So Don’t panic and feel free to revise it on our platform. And set it up step by step, hopefully you will have a great dish. See you very soon with your next best recipe. Till then try the previous recipes and make your loved ones happy.


Q1: Can we use any other type of rice in Bulgogi Fried Rice?

Yes, of course, you can use any type of rice to prepare this dish but remember not to use broken rice, that is, half-cooked rice because that rice will spoil the whole dish. will do

Q2: Can we put eggs in it for the topping at the end?

Yes, of course, you can cut the hard-boiled eggs into pieces for topping. If you do this, your dish will be more beautiful and will attract your loved ones more.

Q3: Do you serve such delicious recipes daily and are these dishes completely safe?

Yes of course I present many excellent dishes daily and you don’t have to worry about that at all. All the recipes that I present to you on this platform are completely complete and without any harm. It benefits you. Well, think that since food started harming us, food always keeps the body healthy and energetic.

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