Banarasi Paan: How to Feel the Freshness and Sweetness


Banarasi Paan dear viewers and audience we are going to talk about one such special dessert. It is sweet to eat but also full of many other qualities. Yes, my dear friends today we are going to talk about Banarasi Paan. And speaking of that, we’ll also teach you how to make it yourself. It takes about five to ten minutes to make, I guess. There are usually two types of this gift of ours. If you stick with me, I’m going to go ahead and explain it. What are the ingredients required to make Banarasi Paan?

First and Foremost Banarasi Paan Leaves:

Dear companions, betel leaf is the main fixing in making banarasi paan leaf. On the off chance that it’s anything but an exceptional kind of leaf, you can’t make betel leaf. On the off chance that you are curious about these trees, you can counsel a specialist to track down them. Also, I can perceive that they are normally three-sided with leaves that are adjusted at the base. Also, it isn’t not difficult to track down them on the grounds that their trees are exceptionally interesting. In our areas, the greater part of individuals in our urban communities import it outside.

It is requested by our businesspeople in adequate amounts with the goal that they don’t need to rehash this cycle and again day to day. Doubtlessly you probably seen these leaves in the shops or on the other hand on the off chance that you can’t get them, you can get them from the businesspeople. You can keep it a couple of bucks above and give it to you in benefit. So with that, I genuinely want to believe that I have given my all with the most significant banarasi betel leaves. So we should continue on toward our next things.

How Many Varieties of Banarasi paan are there:

As I mentioned above during the introduction, there are generally two Paan types. And here people mostly like to eat the other types. Of course, you must be curious as to what the first and second types can be. The first variety we have is the sweet betel nut. Along with that, we have the other variety which can prove to be harmful which is the leafy betel nut.

Of course, it is being used a lot in our society. If it is seen in a general way, it is not less than a gift, just our first type of sweet paan. Mixing things has made it infamous. So I would not recommend you to try the other kind or try to make it. I would just tell you to have a simple and sweet one. Make a paan recipe eat it yourself and feed your gatherings.

Check Out the Step-By-Step Process for Making Banarasi Paan:

1: My dear friends, first of all, you have to collect the leaves of the recipes you have made. Collect as many as you want to eat or feed as many as you want. Wash them and soak them in a large bowl for six to seven hours or all night. The advantage of this is that the leaves are also clean and remain alive by soaking.

2: Our second step friends is to mix some things in it. This includes our special dry fruits. Yes, dear friends I have said dry fruits which are very beneficial for the body. So. Why can anyone say that water can be harmful except for banarasi paan with leaves?

3: You have to lay the leaf in a clean place. Now you have to mix rose extract on it. Now you have to mix shera or honey on it. According to my suggestion, if you mix honey. It will be more beneficial.

4: In this step of ours you have to add a special type of chalia. Chalia is usually sold in shops but this is a special type.

5: After Doing all this:

Now you have to put sweet fennel on top of it, almost as much as you can fit in your paw. will be done.

6: After doing all this, now you have to add coconut powder to it. The amount of coconut powder should also be equal to the amount of fennel.

7: You are going right if you understand my method. After completing the previous process now you also put a small amount of tamarind on it. Yes, you heard right if you are thinking like that. It is sour, but no, you have to add tamarind.

8: After that, you have to put honey again on top of all these ingredients. So now you add half a spoon of malai to it. With this, friends, our banarasi paan is ready.

Banarasi Paan


My dear viewers and audience, you have seen that today we have presented the recipe for one such sweet dessert. Its name is Banarasi Paan and it is also very famous. We cannot call it a recipe but a recipe. It counts in the recipe. Of course, when you make it and eat it, you will feel its aroma and freshness. Once you make it and eat it, your heart will want to make it more every day. will do the food. But using it too much is also not beneficial for our teeth. Because I think it is important to keep in mind.

It would be better to make it only occasionally. Because if you make it a routine daily, it will have a direct effect on your teeth. Humans are born gutka or beedi eaters. So of course you should not do this at all. You have to make it and eat it sometimes when your heart tempts. Let me remind you one more thing you should not feed it to your children. . Above 15 years of age you can taste it a little but it will not be right to feed it. So hopefully you will like the method and ingredients presented in front of you.

See you for your next recipe. Until then take care of yourself and your family. You should never consume paan on an empty stomach. And don’t eat it in the morning. You can eat it around noon or night. Small things that seem very small to see and hear, but their effects are very big. So I think it is very important to convey these things to you. Because it proves to be beneficial to some extent which no one else can. So eat, drink, and enjoy your little life.


Q1: Can we use almonds and walnuts or raisins in banarasi paan?

You can use dry fruits, but if you use only raisins and dates, you will get better test fillings.

Q2: How many paan can we eat in a day?

According to my opinion, you should only eat one paan in the afternoon or at night for the freshness and freshness of your mouth, so that it does not disturb your physical balance.

Q3: How does eating betel leaf in excess affect our teeth?

Friends, it is not good to use banarasi paan too much. Of course, if you don’t eat sweet paan, why don’t you eat it? It directly affects your teeth. So avoid taking large amounts of betel leaf.

Q4: What is the difference between sweet betel and leaf betel?

Sweet paan is what we have taught you how to make. And there is no harm in eating it in small quantities now and then. The other type is our leafy paan. Can’t give it because it contains drugs and leaves which can seriously harm you.

Q5: Can we eat banarasi paan cold?

Yes, of course, you can cool the made-up rice pan and eat it. But if you don’t cool it, it’s better to eat it fresh. If you keep it in the freezer to cool, its most important component which is is known.

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