Baida Roti: Let’s See How to Make this Bombay Recipe at Home


Baida Roti Bombay is a haven for foodies with its bustling streets and vibrant culinary scene. Those looking for an explosion of flavors can visit here. Awakened Roti stands out as a mouth-watering gem amidst the vibrant street food scene. Which shows the food potential of the city. This beloved Bombay Street recipe combines the simplicity of flaky paratha with a flavorful egg filling. Which results in a dish that makes it delicious. Let Ain Bedar embark on a delightful journey to uncover the magic behind the bread.

The Relation of Baida Roti and Eggs:

Indian Baida Roti is filled with eggs and is bigger than paratha. Although the origin of Baida Roti is unknown, this simple dish is very popular in Mumbai thanks to the famous eatery Badimya in Kalaba.

The Origin of Baida Roti Bread:

Baida Roti is also known as Baida Paratha or Egg Paratha. Bombay’s street food culture is ingrained. The term Baida refers to eggs, the star ingredient that gives this dish its unique character. Anna Antzaj, the artist of the aromatic filling of wheat flour, spices, and eggs, makes beda roti a quintessential Bombay delight.

The Interior of Baida Roti:

Baida Roti is very easy to make but has a complex taste and texture. Ours and yours is a juicy and flavorful inside and crispy outside recipe that usually appears in the form of a puff pastry.

Let’s Go and Take a Look at the Ingredients:

First for the Paratha

Two cups of wheat flour

Water for kneading

Salt to taste

Cooking oils

Second, For the Egg Filling:

Four eggs

One onion finely chopped

One tomato finely chopped

Three green chillies finely chopped

A teaspoon of hot spices

A teaspoon of red chili powder

1/2 teaspoons of turmeric powder

Fresh coriander for garnish

Salt to taste

Cooking oil to run

See the Step-By-Step Recipe:

1: Prepare the paratha dough

All you have to do is mix the flour and salt in a large mixing bowl and pour water over it. Now you have to start kneading the dough. Divide the dough into small balls. Roll each ball into a thin round paratha.

2: Filling and preparing the eggs

Add chopped tomatoes and green chilies. Mix well, add the cracked eggs to the spice mixture, and keep it until cooked.

3: Assemble and cook

Place one rolled paratha on a hot pan. Cook on one side until bubbly. Flip the paratha and spread a portion of the prepared egg evenly. Fold the paratha over the filling to form a square or regular shape by sealing the edges. Cook until golden brown on both sides, using oil as needed.

4: Garnish and serve

Sprinkle fresh coriander over the bread. Serve hot to your guests with khaki or raita.

Baida Roti


Viewers Another recipe of today which is a famous dish of Bombay Street Baida Roti is ready. You can’t taste this dish only on Bomb Street. Rather, you can enjoy its flavors sitting at home by looking at this recipe of mine. Bidar Roti epitomizes Bombay street food with its perfect balance of crispy parathas and flavorful egg filling.

Speaking of spices, the crunchiness of the paratha and the richness of the eggs make for an unforgettable cooking experience. Whether enjoyed on a busy street corner or savored on a quiet evening. Beda Roti captures the essence of Bombay’s diverse and delicious cuisine. Leaves a lasting impression on every palate. Also, I sincerely hope that you will like this dish as well. Likewise, stay tuned to my website Famous Indian Food and I will continue to present you with many new recipes daily.

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