Ariselu: What a Special and Crunchy Recipe in Andhra Sweets


Ariselu is an Andhra Pradesh special dish. Ariselu is a deep-fried sweet prepared during festivals like Sankranti. It is sweet and is cooked with a mixture of rice flour and jaggery. In Andhra Pradesh, the name is also called Arasa or Arisa. You can eat at any salon as a snack time. One thing let me remind you is that if you are hungry, you can eat four to five Ariselu. To make this recipe effective, you will need one important thing which is sesame. So let’s see the recipe method of making Ariselu sweet.

Preparing the Dough Process of Ariselu

What you have to do is to take jaggery and put it in water. So now you mix rice flour with jaggery and start kneading the dough. Add oil to the dough enhancing its richness. Mix toasted sesame seeds and ground cardamom into the dough. Ensuring and even distribution of flavors.

Shaping the Ariselu Sweet

You have to take a pan according to your hand and roll it into a ball shape. Flat and the ball into a disc. Ensuring it is of even thickness. Repeat the process for the remaining dough. Creating a batch of ready-to-fry Ariselu.

The Frying Process of Ariselu Sweet

Heat oil in a pan for deep frying. Carefully slide the prepared ariselu disc into the hot oil and fry until they attain a golden brown color. The temperature is crucial the oil should be hot but not smoking. Once fried remove all the Ariselu from the oil and let them cool on absorbent paper to drain access oil.

Short Ingredients About Ariselu

1: Rice flour 2 kg

2: Jaggery 1 kg

3: Sesame seeds 100 grams

4: Grated coconut 3 spoons

5: Water 1/4 liter

6: Oil for frying

Detailed Ingredients About Ariselu

1: First, swag 2 cups of rice in water overnight, and in the morning wash it and dry it by keeping it on a clean cloth for 20 minutes.

2: After this grind the dried rice in a mix mixer and make powder.

3: Now pour 1/4 liter of water into a pan and add 1 kg of jaggery.

4: Prepare the syrup by boiling it filter the jaggery separately from water and cook it in a separate vessel until it thickens again.

5: When the jaggery syrup is ready add grated coconut on it.

6: Now slowly add the rice flour to it and stir continuously.

7: Now turn off the gas flame and add sesame seeds to it.

8: See that there are no lumps in the mixture now let it cool down.

9: When the mixture cools down make small balls out of it bigger than a lemon.

10: Take a plastic sheet Apply oil on it and place the balls on it.

11: Press the shape into Puri. Now heat oil in the pan and fry these puris until they turn brown.

12: When all the puris are fried like this place them on napkin paper and dry the oil.

 13: After this server it or keep it in a container and keep it for several days.



Let’s watch our recipe today. Ariselu Sweet is ready. It carries with it the stories of countless kitchens where this timeless recipe has been passed down through generations. Our recipe is similar to tikra sweet treats. Generally, people use it mostly for food while traveling. But it doesn’t have to be consumed exclusively on this trip, you can eat it anywhere anytime or even take it with tea. Yes, viewers, I sincerely hope that you will like our recipe.

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