Anarsa: How to Make this Two-in-One Recipe at Home


Anarsa is made from rice and is a traditional sweet of North India. Anarsa can be made in two types like around balls or flat cakes. Anarsa is eaten with a great fondness in North India. It does take a little time to make an hour but once they are ready. All the hard work is worth it when you taste them. When eaten the round anarsa are crunchy and soap from the inside which has a completely different taste.

Ingredients of Anarsa Sweet:

1: Short rice 300 grams

2: Powdered sugar 100 grams

3: Ghee 2 tablespoons

4: Curd of milk 1 tablespoon

5: Sesame seeds 2 tablespoons

6: Oil for frying

Nutrients in Anarsa:

Fat 24g

Cholesterol 238mg

Sugar 14g

: Saturated Fat 16g

The Soaked Process of Rice in Anarsa:

Take short rice clean it, wash it, and soak it. Keep the short rice soaked for three days but change the water after 24 hours. Now drain the water from the rice and spread the rice on a clean thick cotton cloth in the shade. The water dries up in 1 hour and the rice should not dry completely. It should remain moist.

What is an Important thing? This is an Anarsa Dough:

The flour can be sieved in a sieve. Mix the sugar powder and ground the rice flour. The curd or add some milk with a spoon and knead this mixture like a hard dough with the help of this curd milk. Keep the dough covered for 10 to 15 hours until the dough becomes soft and sets.

Let’s See the Recipe:

To make a round anarsa take small balls from the dough.

Wrap them in sesame seeds make the ground and put 4 to 5 anarsa in the pan.

Stir with a little and fry till they turn golden brown.

Keep the fried anarsa on a plate covered with napkin paper make anarse and put them in ghee again.

Fry them and take them out. Similarly preparing anarsa from all the dough is ready.

Let’s See About the Recipe of Flat Anarsa:

1: Make small balls from the dough and wrap them in sesame seeds. Roll them again and let the sesame seeds completely stick to the flour.

2: Now press them with the palm to flatten them put them in hot oil and make anarse at a time.

3: Put in an oil for hot oil on the anarse or turn it gently and fry until it turns light brown.

4: Place the fried uncooked rice on a plate lined with napkin paper and keep aside.

5: Make other anarsa and put them in oil again fry them and take them out.

6: Prepare all the dough. Take hot anarse and it is ready.

7: Now they are ready to taste. When it is cool, keep it in the air-tight container and refrigerator then eat it anytime for 10 to 15 days.


Some Important Tips About Anarsa:

Add the rest of the ingredients like powdered sugar, curd, and ghee to the flour and mix it well. After kneading this dough cover it with a wet cloth and keep it for 10 hours. After 10 hours take out the dough and make small balls of your recipe. After making balls spread sesame seeds on the rolling board and make puri of the balls. Then fry these flour balls in oil on low flame and your rice is ready. you can enjoy it and store it.


Viewers, today’s recipe anarsa sweet is ready. Two types of recipes in today’s Recipe. Both have the same name but differ in food and look. You can eat it and enjoy it. You can feed it to your family and children too. As I have mentioned earlier, homemade can be eaten without any doubt. As I have mentioned earlier, homemade can be eaten without any doubt.

And it is also true that sometimes we get stomach ailments after eating such market items. In which our stomach gets upset or we get stomach problems. So stay connected with my website and watch the best recipes. I sincerely hope that you will like today’s recipe Anarsa as before.

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